Friday, September 03, 2004

Happiness is in the eye of the beholder.

So i've had my ups and downs, and lately...i've been on the up and up. (Sounds so gay--I know.) Things have just been good. School started, and even though i'm seriously tired (like every night)...i'm getting it. For the first time in my life, i'm loving school (and everything is sinking in). I even got all my extra's for class set up (I made sure I had that lined up before anything). My schedule looks tough, and I won't be able to go home (or anywhere for that matter) till Thanksgiving. But it's okay, I know my people understand my situation...and even though i'm not around--my phone is turned on 24/7 (and sometimes IM is on too--even if i'm not heheheh). So the long weekend is upon us, and i'm leaving early. The girls will be invading my space all weekend long. I can't wait! Gotta clean & study--you know daymn well I won't be allowed to study while they're here. But yeah, I can't wait. Girlie time is always a must (even if we don't act like girlies--I know I'm more manly than anything). And no, we're not gonna get in our pj's and have a pillow fight, and no the web cam WON'T be turned on if we do. hahahaha Have a good one guys! Happy friday!!! Lan's gonna test out her new cam, so yes even more pictures!!! =) *MWAH*

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