Wednesday, June 30, 2004

im an evil genius!

You are an SEDF--Sober Emotional Destructive Follower. This makes you an evil genius. You are extremely focused and difficult to distract from your tasks. With luck, you have learned to channel your energies into improving your intellect, rather than destroying the weak and unsuspecting. Your friends may find you remote and a hard nut to crack. Few of your peers know you very well--even those you have known a long time--because you have expert control of the face you put forth to the world. You prefer to observe, calculate, discern and decide. Your decisions are final, and your desire to be right is impenetrable. You are not to be messed with. You may explode. 20 Questions to a Better Personality * * * * thanks for the test anna!! that really is me, so me. i LOVE personality tests, it's always nice to see what you end up with. evil genius, be afraid!! be very afraid. heh, i think that's kinda cool actually. oh and this is the final (final!) version of the "burgandy scheme". i finally got it to look how i REALLY want it to look like (in both netscape & explorer). so let's see how long this one will last. wow, i was busy today! 3 posts in one day? i haven't done that in a long long time!

i'm not a perfect person...

that line has been going through my head ever since i got to work, maybe it's cause that was the last song playing on the radio. anyway. i'm sure as hell not perfect, but i know i'm friken anal! thanks to those who helped me decide on no boarders. kept putting them on, taking them off, on, off, on, off. as you can see....i decided on off. and on the colors, those are my absolutely favorite colors in the world! and as jayce pointed out, those are the colors to rutgers (IT'S A SIGN). well, and they're also the colors of the niners... i know i haven't really wrote anything of substance lately...just been my usual random self. which is good right? since i'm really friken random. i'm way random, crazy random. eh. which goes to show i'm not perfect, nor do i ever try to show or say that i am. i mean, we all are just trying to make it through the our lives the best way we all know how right? like for instance, i've been in a weird ass mood funk. it's like, stay the hell away from me. i think it's just a "defense" for when i actually get things going, like it'll be easier for me to deal with things if i stay the way i am now. i mean, i have made it a point to do things with all the people who have been there for me since day one (or close enough) since i really haven't been able to. and you know, there is only so much one person can do. i know it's a bad "defense", but hey sometimes you gotta be on "d" helps you get through the good and bad times. it's like those daymn walls that grow with time, but it's a different kind of wall. no one wants to feel pain, so instead of dealing we all numb ourselves...we all know eventually it's going to happen--instead of dealing i go on "d". i mean my walls really aren't that thick, and the "exceptions to the rule" always ALWAYS get through. no matter how far you think you push them, or how much you don't want to--they get through. and rather than stress over things, i've learned to deal with things. so i'm on "d". it's not that bad you know, i just keep a lot of stuff inside...sometimes i let it out, but most of the time it just stays buried in my subconscious. but you know, no matter what i do the ones that mean the most will always be there. i might show my "feelings" in a "odd" way, or do things to prove to them i'm being "real", they're still there. regardless if i talked to you yesterday, or 3 months ago, or even a year ago...they're still there. i mean, i might not talk to some of my best friends for over a year, but the minute we get back's as if you never left. i love that. everyone that means something, always does that with me (and me with them). priceless. it's a never-ending cycle...that i hope with some will break...

splish, splash...

or should i say, i feel like having some wine. HA! okay, did a few changes here and there. lemme know whatcha think. =) i've been wanting to change this up for a while now, so for now...this will do. comments, suggestions? anyone? anyone?

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

shake me up & take a sip

How to make a eileenjoy
1 part intelligence
3 parts craziness
5 parts empathy
Method:Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little emotion if desired!
Personality cocktail From

this kinda fits my mood, got it from bumblebootie--thanks lady! i just saw monster & had dinner over at shannie's. MAN!! that was crazy! and the crazy thing is it's TRUE! how someone can be that disturbed, i don't know. i understand she had a crazy upbringing, and i see how the first one & maybe even second had reasoning....but anything after that--HELL NO! i'm all shook up cause of that, no one better ever call my her nickname!! i'll go ballistic! and to all of my guy friends....don't EVER pick up a hitchhiker on the freeway/street/boonies. if you want a hooker, go to a strip club and get a lapdance, or go to vegas even (i hear some of them give you good....) i'm told. anyway, i'm all freakin. i wonder if charlize theron interviewed "her" before she was executed...not THAT would be an interesting/freaky interview. and i wonder what happened to the "girlfriend", does anyone know? if you do that piece of info would be greatly appreciated. anyway, go see it...good movie, and charlize so deserved an award for that movie. i still got the shakies!!


for all capricorns You are wise on your climb to the top of the mountain. The rest of the herd comes to rely on your leadership along rocky shores. You guide gently rather than using coercion. Your gift is to make the difficult look easy, encouraging others to conquer their fears. You are in a tremendous position of trust and power. Surround yourself with people who share your vision and complement your energy and enthusiasm. quiz time! HASH(0x8a91340)
Your soul is STEADFAST. You are a fiercely loyal person who would never cross a loved one. People always know they can rely on you and your dependability is well-known. You're probably a little on the quiet side, but your faithfulness is never doubted, and you always back up your kith and kin whether they want or need it or not. You are a dependable and trusted soul.
What Is Your Soul's Trait?
brought to you by Quizilla got that from bumblebootie...thanks girl! that is SO me (from what everyone tells me at least). please welcome!! in other news, introducing Seneca Delyn Samily...the newest addition to the family. and here's her big sister Cienna... show her the way young Cienna! they are the cutest little girls. i knew del's only gonna have girls, it's punishment for when he was a bad mofo back in the day. heheheh * * * * * so that is all for now. i have a bunch of random thoughts spinning through my head, once i figure everything out i'm sure i'll let all of you know. but for now this will do...i'm just waiting for the weekend--i'm homeward bound again! yay for 3-day weekends!!! hope all is well for you, you're always in my thoughts. *MWAH* *HUG*

Sunday, June 27, 2004

my girls, old friends & good times

so this weekend my girly girls drove down from nor cal and scooped me up, then we all headed down to daygo! of course we did a pit stop at the carlsbad outlets and i added something new to my coach collection. =) yeah yeah, i don't wanna hear it (last one i promise...for now) ;). so friday night after getting all settled in who do we hook up with but ron, dave and steverz! they took us to the la jolla coves, mt. soladad & one of the bridges at midgetland. oh and they also took us to get some carne asada chips--that of course we couldn't finish. like that's surprising to anyone. anyway, it was really good to see you guys (even if you were making fun of us all night.) =P then the next day the girlys and i headed down to rosarita! my first time ever, so yeah i was a little freaked out when we were crossing the border...i kept thinking oh my god we're in another country, we might get kidnapped. then as we got deeper in i noticed how similar it was to the philippines, so i started to feel comfortable (weird, i know). i mean, i've been to tj before, but i've never been so deep into it like going to rosarita. but the $1 corona's and margarita's were nice & i love me some carne asada taco's! the girls drank way more than me (which is always expected), but i'm glad they had fun. i even found a cool looking shot glass to add to the collection. but walking around, taking it all in, seeing the people, drinking with the girlys, having laughs....good times had by all. oh and why was it that i was the only one questioned alot coming back from mexico? after asking my citizenship he made me say my entire name, birthday, and birthplace, then he asks me what's the capitol of the united states. after that he then asks me how many states there are in the u.s.--i think he got irritated when i got technical and started to say...well, there is 48 on the continental u.s. and alaska and i ended up stopping mid sentence and saying 50. i don't know why i was the only one out of the group questioned like that--i was also the most sober out of the group. bastards! here's more pictures if you wanna see how much fun we did have...*click* *click* so all in all, this weekend was so much fun. there were some things that i wish didn't happen (but it wasn't my call either), but even though all of THAT happened--everything turned out pretty much good. so with all that said, i'm gonna go chill. hope you all had a wonderful weekend! take cares! *mwah* & *hug*

Monday, June 21, 2004

autocross'n & daddy's day!

that was babygirl before the race. i have to say, she did me proud. of course it helped to have my bro in my car for the first two times telling me to go, go, go...brake! GO, let off the gas, go, go, go!! heheh yes, for my first autocross with babygirl...we did good. i started off with 57.194 and i ended up with a 55.345 (55.22 on the fun run), only 10 seconds longer than my bro. and from what i'm told, i did pretty good for my first time out (with mostly everything stock). i had lots of help and tips from my bro's i'm sure that helped me out (i'm just surprised i remembered everything). oh and while i was chillin in my car waiting to go for my second run, who should i see pass by my car? why, who else but piaadoll!! i had to wait till she went on her run to make sure it was her, then i went over to say hi after my run. it was good seeing you girl! i wish we could have hung for a lil bit longer, but i wanted more pointers from my bro. oh and i was in the novice sts class (i remembered to ask him after). then earlier today was the whole reason for my trip...daddy's day! we ended up waking up at 6:30 to head up to rio vista to have breakfast with the parental units (slept on the way up, and back). so yeah, daddy enjoyed his present (but it needs a little modification)...he enjoyed his breakfast, and enjoyed the company. it's always fun to come home, wish it could have been longer. wanna see more pics? *click* *click* so there you have it, another great weekend at home. hope you all had a great weekend too, and if you're a father (or a father to be)...happy fathers day! see you bay area heads in two weeks!! enjoy! **edit: sorry, was wrong on my times...and i am burnt! daymn you, you california sun!!

Friday, June 18, 2004

happy early daddy's day!

just wanted to wish my daddy a happy early daddy's day (cause i know i'll be too busy this weekend to post this up). also, happy early daddy's day to you fathers out there, and fathers to be (manong merrick!!). have a wonderful weekend everyone, i'm outta here at 12:45! bay area, the girls are coming home!!! *mwah*

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Your Patronus is the Wolf! The wolf is a symbol of
wisdom, loyalty and independence. He is one of
history's more revered (and feared) characters. That your Patronus is a wolf says that you are very
wise as a person. You tend to be loyal to your
friends, even when they screw up, but you are
also independent. Finding that balance is key;
finding it will ensure that you will be a
wonderful witch or wizard!

What is Your Patronus? Version 1
brought to you by Quizilla

experience everything...

regret nothing (especially if you've learned from it). and rather than think of what could become, take a never know what might happen (it might be the best thing you've ever done in your life). and when the time comes, everything will fall into place. random thoughts? yes--they just popped in my head (as usual). my head's all a jumble right now (and pounding like hell--advil to the rescue!!), but that's normal in my case right? oh one more thing...never forget who YOU are, never let others define you.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

outside, reaching in....

strength can come in two forms: physically, or mentally. it's been a trying new year, let's just start off with that. now we're halfway through...and i feel like the battles i fought, helped me realize some things that i'm only now taking care of. make sense? i never thought i'd be strong enough to do half the things that i've already accomplished, and i'm being constantly reminded by my beautiful friends. i'm constantly searching for some sort of "strength" to get me through whatever i'm going through. i keep asking for patience because i know in the end, if things were meant to happen--they will. i also know that no one else will help get you through things (especially when it comes down to the last count), you just gotta find it within you. one thing that i know about myself is that i always land on my feet. so no matter what happens in the upcoming months (*cross-fingers*), whatever He throws out at me (whether i have to move cross-country or not), i'll be able to deal. not only do i have "faith", i have "love" from my no matter what happens--i can do it. some people have been "testing" me so to speak, but i'm trying to not let them get to me. you can only do so much before your head explodes, but i tend to just let it go (or go smoke a pack of cigs). i seem to still be all together (we think). but no matter what, no one will break me down--they won't get to me (those voices in my head...HA!). because i know that no matter what happens, the people that were there for me from the beginning, will still be there. the ones that truly care for me, will still be around--no matter what i do...because they know me (not the dumbasses that "think" they know me, but the ones that REALLY do). i think i'm being tested again, the calm before the storm. maybe i have to go through this to see if i'll make it in the big new world. i can do it, i know i can...always gotta test yourself, never settle, think big, yeah....i can do it. yes, this is random. but you know what...i forgot my book so i decided to blog during my lunch hour. so there you have it. i am who i am, said sam i am. but you know what, don't push...cause if you keep pushing--you might be left behind. things happen for a reason, timing IS everything, and i'm just trying to make it through the day.

woof, woof!

No bones about it, you're a good-hearted, people-loving Bernese Mountain Dog. Down-to-earth and loyal, no one works or plays harder than you do. You put your nose to the grindstone when it really counts, but you never neglect your social calendar. Simultaneously strong and sweet, you're very tuned-in to the feelings and needs of the other dogs you run with. Without having to be asked, you always have a helping paw to lend and a sympathetic shoulder to lean on. "Communication" is your middle name, and when that's paired with your unswerving devotion, you get a breed that everyone respects and trusts. Woof! What Breed of Dog Are You? * * * * that actually describes me. HA!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

it's over...

and i'm sad. who knows what'll happen next year. they had good d though. . . . .


You love it when the good guys win. This is another one of those happy occasions. Your truth is a shining jewel, worth more than all the artifice and hype that your opponents are throwing at you. They'll never have what you have, and they might never understand why, or even what it is. But their enlightenment isn't your concern. You'd rather celebrate with the people that helped get you this far. When they add their devotion and imagination to yours, it's an unbeatable team. Don't ignore these fortuitous combinations and rare moments. * * * * this is so true, especially now... people and things have been getting to me, but i know...this too shall pass. hopefully i'll get to the sunshine sometime soon. =)

Friday, June 11, 2004

National Day of Mourning

some of you may be sick of it, but since i'm not--i'm going to post this in honor of the man. he has affected my life in so many ways, and he will always be remembered... * * * * America Bids an Emotional Farewell to Reagan By Alan Elsner WASHINGTON (Reuters) - America bade farewell to Ronald Reagan (news - web sites) on Friday in a majestic state funeral at Washington's National Cathedral where past and present world leaders lauded the former president as a prophet of freedom and moral victor of the Cold War. "Ronald Reagan believed ... in the courage and triumph of free men and we believe it all the more because we saw that courage in him," said President Bush (news - web sites), delivering a eulogy to his predecessor. "As Ronald Wilson Reagan goes his way, we are left with the joyful hope he shared," he said. The ceremony capped six days of mourning and nostalgic remembrance for the 40th president of the United States, who died last Saturday at age 93 after a long struggle with Alzheimer's disease (news - web sites). "He won the Cold War, not only without firing a shot but also by inviting enemies out of their fortress and turning them into friends," former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said of her close ally and friend. Celebrated by supporters as a champion of freedom and free enterprise, Reagan also provoked furious opposition during his 1981-1989 presidency. Critics accused him of building up massive budget deficits, cutting programs for the poor and supporting right-wing hard-liners in Central America. The one-time Hollywood movie star, known to millions as "the Gipper" after his favorite film role, had himself said goodbye to the American people in a moving letter revealing his illness in 1994 and had since lived in seclusion, cared for by his wife, Nancy. "It has been 10 years since he said his own farewell, yet it is still very sad and hard to let him go," Bush said. Veterans of the Cold War struggle against communism that Reagan helped end were prominent at the funeral, attended by 25 current heads of state or government, 14 foreign ministers and 11 former heads of state. Thatcher was present in the congregation but her message was delivered on videotape since her health has become too fragile for public speaking. ELEGANCE AND EASE Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney recalled Reagan's elegance and ease. "No one could more eloquently summon his nation to high purpose," he said. All four living former U.S. presidents -- Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George Bush and Bill Clinton (news - web sites) -- filed into the massive faux Gothic structure on a hill over Washington, which took 83 years to build and was only completed in 1990. Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union who crossed swords with Reagan at memorable summits in the 1980s and then allowed the Cold War to end peacefully months after Reagan left office in 1989, represented Russia. Former President Bush, his voice breaking with emotion, said Reagan and Gorbachev had combined to end the Cold War. Referring to the best-known line in Reagan's best-known film, he said, "The Gipper and Mikhail Gorbachev won one for the world." A bell tolled and rain fell as the hearse bearing Reagan's body arrived at the cathedral from Capitol Hill, where it had lain in state for two days while tens of thousands of people filed past. Onlookers lined the four-mile route from the Capitol to the Cathedral standing several rows deep. Police had to prevent the crowd spilling into the streets. After the funeral, Reagan's body was to be flown back to California for a private sunset burial attended by family and special guests on the grounds of his presidential library just north of Los Angeles. Government departments, the New York Stock Exchange (news - web sites) and many businesses were closed as Americans paused to pay tribute. Lech Walesa, the one-time Polish shipyard electrician who led the Solidarity labor movement and later became president of a post-communist Poland, also attended. In a Wall Street Journal article, Walesa said Poles owed Reagan their freedom. He hailed the former president as a western cowboy who fought against evil. Apart from his Cold War record, proponents credit Reagan with restoring U.S. confidence, battling inflation, cutting taxes and presiding over an economic boom. He was, however, also blamed for lax control over his administration that led to the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages scandal. But opponents were frustrated that scandals did not seem to stick to Reagan and dubbed him the "Teflon president." Since his death, the U.S. media has provided blanket coverage and glowing assessments of Reagan's legacy and sunny personality. Most agree that he will go down in history as one of the most significant U.S. presidents of the 20th century. There is little doubt that Reagan changed the U.S. political landscape, moving the country to the right while paving the way for Republican dominance of Congress. * * * * * as a sign of respect, this will be my only post for today (and the weekend). he was, in my opinion a great man, and a great in peace. now, a moment of silence.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

finally it comes...

so some of you might remember that i'm applying to grad school, well, my transcripts FINALLY came in today! so today, after some help from a few friends, i have constructed a letter to Rutgers to include with my "official" transcripts, letters of rec, resume, and a hard copy of my personal statement. i hope they understand my lateness (not like it was my fault--SJSU needs a priority request for transcripts)!! i hope my personal statement & letters of rec speak to them and make them want me to attend their school. i'm so nervous and i don't know why. man, it's just another step...the next one will be the big one. wish me luck everyone!! now i must look into scholarships...

random thought(s) 2

How happy is the blameless Vestal's lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd. ~ "Eloisa to Abelard" by Alexander Pope Clementine: Joel, I'm not a concept. Too many guys think I'm a concept or I complete them or I'm going to make them alive, but I'm just a fucked up girl who is looking for my own peace of mind. Don't assign me yours. Joel: Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating. Clementine: Drink up, young man. It'll make the whole seduction part less repugnant. Joel: Valentine's Day is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap. thanks mike! that was a good movie.... **edit: sorry, i'm adding as i find them...

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

random thought

...we need to be willing to let our intuition guide us and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly... ~ Shakti Gawain stole this from bumblebootie. it was just speaking to me...

and now we're even...

so this started out as a really sh*tty day, and just got worse and worse and worse as the day wore on. even my lunch was interrupted by a f*cking idiot... office f*cking politics, i hate it. actually at one point, i just hated everyone (well not everyone--i was just seriously pissed off). something must be in the universe. but at least 5:30 hit, and i was outta there as soon i could...and then game time. man that was a good game. i was getting worried, i was really really worried. but they pulled it off, they won it in OT. HELL YEAH! they brought it baby! we're still alive (like there was any doubt--it was just really close). man, something is in the universe....something evil, terrible. i can't wait till this is all over (*cross-fingers*), i'm just tired! tired of everything going on around me, personally & careerwise....i just feel like i'm gonna blow. and some people around me are seriously pissing me off, and they just keep doing it over and over (why don't i say anything? i don't know). i know i have to let some things go, but some things just keep getting to me and i don't know what to do. it's like i'm playing chess, and i'm waiting for my turn. man, i can't wait till things start poppin'. maybe then i'll finally be happy...

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ronald Wilson Reagan

February 6, 1911 - June 5, 2004 i wasn't old enough to vote for him, but he is the first president that i fully remember. he was not only charming and brilliant, but he had a way about him that made you believe him and give you hope for our future. "Overall, the Reagan years saw a restoration of prosperity, and the goal of peace through strength seemed to be within grasp." through his administration it shaped my political ideologies -- those that stay strong with me today. it was truly sad when he started getting sicker, and we all knew what would eventually happen. but rather than remember that, i choose to remember what he did, how he made me feel, how he gave me hope, and how proud i am to be a part of this wonderful country.... "Whatever history might say about me when I'm gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears; to your confidence rather than your doubts. My dream is that you will travel the road ahead with liberty's lamp guiding your steps and opportunity's arm steadying your way." ~ R. Reagan '92 "We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free." ~President Ronald Wilson Reagan, June 6th, 1984 let's do it for the gipper...

Saturday, June 05, 2004

it's better the second time around...

so this time around we went to the mann's chinese theater in hollywood (love that place), and you're not supposed to take pictures...but check this out! *click me* but hey, i saw some lady taking pics with a big ol cam, so i figured i might as well do the same! (well margie said i might as well take them since she was too--and we saw a bunch of flashes all over the theater.) and yes, second time is better--i noticed some other stuff (or what wasn't). so yeah, i'll probably see it again sometime soon (like i usually do). i really wish it was longer, and more dialogue regarding harry's parents and all the relationships with their friends. but anyway, can't wait for "goblet of fire", that will BE the best movie (well until J.K. Rowling finishes 6 & 7 then maybe my favorite will change--but we'll see.) anyway, i'm gonna go continue re-reading ootp. hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! *mwah* & *hug*

Friday, June 04, 2004

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

so for some strange reason i just NEEDED to see this movie at 12:05 a.m. on an IMAX screen, directors seats--basically means my ass didn't have to wait in line!! reserved seating baby!! now for some reason, i was lead to believe that "director's seats" were the big ass leather seats & alcohol would be served (or a bar was within the theater). i was wrong. i felt all scrunched in my seat, and no alcohol around (probably good cause kids were around). it was stadium seating, so nobody's head was in my way (although, dude in front did not have to sit so far back that i wouldn't have any leg room). now on with my review... i'm not going to give you details of what actually happened within the movie (although feel free to ask-if you really want to know). this is more of what i liked, didn't like, total feel for it. first off the kids are getting stronger as wizards, which was wonderful to see. it's great to see harry become more "emotional" and acting out rather than just taking it. hermoine was absolutely brilliant as she took care of malfoy, and it's good to see ron finally being more confident with his abilities. they are all growing with their characters, and no they don't have to be replaced for the next four movies (we all know that it takes seven years to finish hogwarts). i loved seeing all the emotions the characters had, when harry met sirius face to face, when harry and lupin spoke about his can tell (and feel) the love they all had for each other. the closeness, it was just beautiful. i didn't particularly like the new dumbledore. he didn't have the grandfather type feel, the spark in his eyes, the closeness with the kids. granted he wasn't in the movie for very long, but still i couldn't feel the connection. there were a lot of parts of the book that weren't included in this movie. well maybe not a lot, but i feel that you needed those parts to fully understand the relationships between the characters. you can't just throw it all in one scene and expect everyone to get it. my suggestion to those that haven't read the book is to first watch it, then ask away. for the most part i remembered everything (well once they got to hogwarts anyway), i just felt it was too fast paced and way too short. i mean, i didn't want it to be over three hours or anything, but you could have explained a few things better so the audience could have a better understanding (if you didn't read). so far this is my favorite out of the three, but my absolute favorite of all the books is four! so i'm waiting around for that movie, now that has everything! so go and watch, this is a pretty "dark" movie so it's not the cheery happy go lucky like in the first two. this is more of a coming of age type deal, and i was lovin it. "those you love never really die, they live on."

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


A farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey. He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement he quieted down. A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up. As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off! Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a stepping-stone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up. Remember the five simple rules to be happy: 1. Free your heart from hatred - Forgive. 2. Free your mind from worries - Most never happen. 3. Live simply and appreciate what you have. 4. Give more. 5. Expect less NOW -------- Enough of that crap . . . The donkey later came back and bit the shit out of the farmer who had tried to bury him. The gash from the bite got infected, and the farmer eventually died in agony from septic shock. MORAL FROM TODAY'S LESSON: When you do something wrong and try to cover your ass, it always comes back to bite you. * * * * * got this from manong merrick a few days ago & i wanted to post it up then, but for some reason for feels appropriate. if you all only knew...