Friday, December 31, 2004

Good-bye 2004

This year has had it's ups and downs, but I believe I am a lot stronger because of it... This year started out really, really bad. My Aunt Lina passed away from Breast Cancer the night before my 30th birthday. I will always associate my birthday with her death...but I will honor her and remember her by running in the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure. Also, every time I look at my bracelet, I will remember why I run, and why I train. I was able to make a few trips throughout the year. Jersey/NY part 2, my first visit to Mammoth (daymn you Dave's run), day trips to Snow Summit and Big Bear, TJ's and Rosarito. I wrote my first personal statement to Grad School, and was eventually denied. However, I am glad the Dean of Admissions of Rutgers took the time to talk to me about other options. I obtained my first ever 4.0! I am almost ready to re-apply to Rutgers and see if Columbia or NYU want me. I hope this time around they'll be able to see my potential, and take a chance on me. I am also glad I have so much support, thank you everyone for helping me "perfect" my personal statements. I found my strength, again. My "inner" voice. Thank you for thinking so little of me. Thank you for being so judgmental, even though i've only tried to get to know who you are. Thank you for not giving me the same consideration. I learned who my true friends are, and who the time being friends are. We've all been through a lot this year. Tests were made for all of us. I'm glad I was able to see who's true, and I thank you. I'm getting better at keeping in touch. I love sending packages. =) I have made sure that all my friends, from Diego to the Bay, and all the way to the Midwest and East Coast know that I care. Friendship is a two-way street, I wish more people realized that. I still appreciate the "little things". I wish more people did. Things happen for a reason, I have accepted that. I have learned to roll with the punches. I like action, not words. Some people had to be let go. I remember the lessons learned, I will never forget. I have the ability to give someone my heart, even if I do not believe he knows that he has it. The most important one of all...I am happy with me. I found "me" again, i've been lost for a long time now--but I am focused, and "I" know. I do not care what others think, they have not been in my head recently--so how the hell would they know what "I" am thinking or feeling? I can do anything I set out to do, always have, and "I" ALWAYS will. So with all that said. Good-bye 2004. I expect 2005 to be a kick ass year, filled with lots and lots of change, risks, and adventure.

Monday, December 27, 2004

The attack of the killer tumbleweed!!

So I do not know how I forgot to tell you all about this. The drive home. dun dun dun... 101 South just after the 680 merge. It was windy. They were rolling. Suddenly it starts rolling faster and faster...I had to change lanes all of a sudden, or we would have been attacked. Attacked by the killer tumbleweed!!! Luckily hardly anyone was on the freeway when we left (we were hoping everyone was stuck at work, while we took our time getting back to lala land), we watched in awe as everyone behind me swerved to avoid being attacked by the giant tumbleweed. That was not the only occurrence. 5 South. Tons of baby tumbleweed were crashing into cars left and right! Some cars were not as lucky as we were earlier. Some cars had tumbleweeds as hood ornaments, (if I was not driving I would have taken pictures of it), some tumbleweeds weren't as lucky--trucks rolled over them and they were smashed to smithereens!! Shannon did a good deed and took off some tumbleweed remnants off a car as I was getting gas, too bad she hurt her fingers in the process....a good deed nonetheless. Tumbleweed wasn't the only thing keeping our attention, there was also accidents, and police cars. This police man was cool though, he creeped up behind a car behind me and that dude moved over for him...I *tried* to move over but homey on the right wouldn't let me--so police man gave the the okay to stay where I was. Now, I hate being in front of police, so when I could I pulled over--dude was driving hella slow. Eventually he took the lead. So I pulled back to the left when I could. Stupid boy was hella bookin it and cutting people left and right, and I was waiting, waiting for police man to notice. He did. He straight pulled to the right, broke, then pulled behind speed racer/tailgaiter, then red and blue lights with the sound. Shannon was trying to help out by pointing to him through my window to pull over. I never saw that happen before. Then we were stopped again (forgive me for not telling you before the police man, we were stopped previously [we still do not know why]). This time we knew why. There was a major accident on the other side. I pray that everyone came out okay, but the car looked so badly beaten. You see people, you're supposed to be paying attention to where you are going! Do not tailgate, and do not cut people off!! That pissess people off, especially people like me! There were so many bad drivers. Of course, the wind and severe dust did not help, but hell...anything's better than fog. Oh and of course we must not forget the rain, rain, rain, rain. Pouring down rain. But it did not pour until after I dropped off Shannon, but that's a whole other story. And that was my last "official" turn around Christmas trip. I'll be making other turnaround trips, but I will be coming from the bay and back. ;)

This was my Christmas Vacation...

*click* *click* As you can see, it was a week full of friends and family sans parentals. So was NOT the same without them...but it was a great week regardless. We all had fun, and we're gonna do it again Wednesday! heheh I know I know, my ass should have stayed home instead of coming back to LA to work for a few days--then hop on a plane come Wednesday. I'm retarded (I have my reasons--believe me!). So with that said, I'm going to go rest, do laundry and get my bags ready for my NYE trip home! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did. =) ------------ BTW, that was a pic at my first time having dim sum!! Those crabs were cool!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Just wanted to wish everyone...

A VERY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope Santa Clause will be very nice to everyone, and fill all your bellies with lotsa food. =) Vacation has been really fun! Tons of pic's to upload later. Got to see old friends, watch LOTR - Return of the King extended, and just be lazy. I love being lazy, on Tuesday I woke up at 2pm...2PM!! Ahhhh, I miss those days of not having to go to work, now I have to wake up at some god awful time, and deal with LA traffic. Soon, soon I will be back home and not having to worry...then i'll be back in school *cross-fingers* *prays to God* that's all I be back in school by fall (in the east coast of course). I even made time to go running! Can you believe that? I think everyone thought I was on drugs or something, running in my shorts and tank top in the freezing winds that is around the Bay Area. I think the winds froze up my sweat, but it's all good...I went for more than 3 miles possibly 4 (by my calculations). But my goal for vacation has been made...personal statements are FINISHED!! So far good reviews all around. *snap* Thank you Kristy! Without your help I would not have finished. =) I also went on a interview, but alas, I cannot take the job if offered a position. They want a year commitment. A YEAR COMMITMENT she said. I can only give 6 months, if that. I just have good feelings of my whereabouts towards the end of the year. *giggles* I sure hope so at least. So temp work it is, here's to no commitment! hehehe So yeah, that's all for now. I just wanted to wish everyone a very merry merry christmas, and have a happy new year. Don't be all partying and driving. Eat tons, be merry & be nice to one another. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I really wish I could be with you all, but since I cannot this will have to do. *hug* Next year's plan...a New York Christmas. Wish me luck! Have a good one everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

A very very happy birthday to my two most favorite people in the world!!!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to... PHIL!!! and to.... GEN!! *BIG GIANT HUGS* I really wish I could be in two places at once... If I could, I would be giving hugs to both of you, and buying drinks, hugs, drinks, and hugs.... So yeah...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! *HUG* *MWAH* *HUG* *MWAH* *HUG* *MWAH* *HUG* *MWAH* *HUG* *MWAH* *HUG*

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Thick as pea soup...

That was basically how the drive home was...80% fog. Yes, we were freakin--at some points you could not see what was ahead, or behind. As soon as we got off the grapevine and got on the 5...BAYMN it hit us. The fog didn't clear up until we were almost to the 152. At some parts I was shittin bricks (especially since I was going off of less than 4 hours of sleep). Apparently, the new thing is to drive with your hazard lights while in the fog (only a few people were doing it--we decided to follow them). We made it, 152 was mostly clear (we were thinking of staying at a hotel since I was/am tired as hell [I really should be in bed--daymn coffee]) we were good as gold. We are home. Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away. *sigh* I'm just happy we made it in one piece, and Babygirl can rest....and with that, I am off to bed.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Goal #1 accomplished!!

Congratulate me! I found out today that since I got a 93 on my final, I got an A in my Social Work Class--which means the grand total for this semester is 4.0 baby!! (I already had an A in my Policing Society Class before my final--well, close enough.) *shakes bootie* *bobs head* *fist in air* YES!! hehe, okay. Now all I have to do is perfect personal statements, collect my letters of recommendations, and transcripts (all have been ordered already). yeahhhhhh babyyyyy!!! Okay, enough with that...must start christmas cards. Have a good evening everyone!!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Firm Christmas Party 2004

Yesterday was our annual "Holiday Party"...suffice it to say, it was the best one out off all the 3 years that i've been at this firm. Wanna know why? It started when I got there. My co-worker/friend Christian is leaving in a few weeks and all he said was....Christian's gonna get drunk, and yes, Christian got drunk--and so did the rest of us. This is how it started... Would you like to see more? *click* *click* So yes, our table was the loudest, and the partners were worried about us. Christian fell like 3 or 4 times (of course trying to pick up Laura), ima miss that boy. For my last "Holiday Party" with TSMP this was the funnest (everone thanked us too). I would say more, but I need to go back to bed...i'm still feelin the alcohol. Enjoy the pics! Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things You Want for the Holidays The impossible list 1. Trip to Jersey/NYC - Fully paid & accommodations. 2. A finished personal statement for each college i'm applying to (or help to polish them off). 3. Acceptance to Columbia/Rutgers/ or NYU - All 3 preferred. (Not impossible-I just want it NOW!) 4. Treo 600 - Unlocked. 5. 12-Inch Super Drive Apple Power Book G4 & Softwear. 6. Pentax Optio 550. 7. The complete Special Edition Collection of LOTR. 8. New Car, a Honda is preferred...but i'd like something w/ 6 speed. 9. My first years tuition. 10. My first years books. ------------------ Driving through LA during the holidays... It was actually a bit faster this evening. =) Don't mind me, it's my first free Tuesday in a long while-went to the dentist and everything. hehehhe, no cavitities, but I gotta retrain my brushing. I'm glad I went to Luciele's boyfriend-I got dinner too! THAT was the best part! Yummy in my tummy, and a free night?? Whooo hoooo!! heheh and I worked on personals while at work, that's right, I can multi-task. #2 is getting there...

Monday, December 06, 2004


1. Semester to redeem myself academically over (so far i'm only about 90% sure of my 4.0.). 2. Must re-vamp personal statements. 3. Work on Christmas Presents & Birthday Presents. 4. Go Christmas Shopping. 5. Interview for positions while on vacation. 6. Re-apply/apply to Rutgers/Columbia/& NYU by the beginning - mid January. 7. Find people to purchase furniture (almost got it all spoken for). 8. Go through closet. DONATE!! DONATE!! DONATE!! 9. Organize move home. 10. Move. So okay, I have freedom for one night. *fist in air* I have a lot to do, I have only one thing done and I have 9 more things to do! Well, #2 is a work in progress, and i'm *mostly* done with them. I'm so crazy, and I wanna get this all done in 2 months?? Someone shoot me please!!

Today is the day...

Please, please think good thoughts of me at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time. At that time, I will be taking my final for my Social Work class. This will secure my 4.0. *cross-fingers* I MUST GET A! MUST! This is my only way into Rutgers, Columbia and/or NYU. *sigh* Okay, that is all. Please God let me do good, let me remember everything i've studied all these weeks and over the weekend.

Friday, December 03, 2004

30 days and counting...

With every day that passes, I look forward to each new day...the thought of leaving this place has been dancing in my head. It's all I think about when I am here. How sad right? I hate LA, and I hate my job (more so my job than LA). *sigh* 30 more days, 30 more long days! I can't stand looking at some of the people I work with, but i'm going to miss some of them too. It's really sad when you think about it. I mean, i've been here for almost 3 years. 3 years!! Some people haven't changed, and yes, those same people still treat most of use like useless pieces of sh*t. Just because you have Esq. after your name does not make you a better person than I, and just because you have a higher position than me does not mean you can get all up in my face and treat me like a child. Titles mean nothing to me (unless it's something cool like King or Queen, President, Secretary of [fill in the blank], maybe even Professor, or M.D., or PhD, or in my case M.S.W.). It's really sad when all you can remember is all the bad things. One of the higher ups told one of my friends that, "you should be thankful to be working." Yes, we all know we're replaceable...thank you for reiterating that fact. Racist sons and daughters of b*tches. I'm glad we're all on the same page. Practically everyone on my side of the office is leaving. Glad we're helping out with the downsizing. I should have known it would have been this way when all the attorneys started leaving when I first started. Granted, I never intended to stay this long, it just worked out that way. If I had it my way, I would have left end of this summer...but instead, I was forced to stay another half a year. At least i'm 6 months closer to my goal. That's the one thing that I will forever hate about law firms (not attorneys, I like some of them). Try to make me feel unworthy? I am not a child. Thank you for being an ass. Thank you for thinking you're god. Oh and most especially, thank you for paying me less than everyone else who does my job. I really appreciate it.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Stolen from Bumbles...
My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated? ---------------- It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. ~ Alan Cohen ---------------- Been meaning to put this up here. Yes, I like stealing from Bumbles--I love her quotes! They've just been speaking to me more and more, actually, more like yelling...

Tragic Flaws

You believe in doing the right thing, but aren't
always sure what that is.

What is Your Shakespearian Tragic Flaw?
brought to you by Quizilla ---------------- Yeah, I agree with that. *sigh* and sometimes even talking to myself about it dosen't help, or talking myself through it...something like that. Oh, but I would NEVER kill anyone...especially not my best friend(s)!! ---------------- Aced one class, one more to go! *fist in air*