Saturday, December 18, 2004

Thick as pea soup...

That was basically how the drive home was...80% fog. Yes, we were freakin--at some points you could not see what was ahead, or behind. As soon as we got off the grapevine and got on the 5...BAYMN it hit us. The fog didn't clear up until we were almost to the 152. At some parts I was shittin bricks (especially since I was going off of less than 4 hours of sleep). Apparently, the new thing is to drive with your hazard lights while in the fog (only a few people were doing it--we decided to follow them). We made it, 152 was mostly clear (we were thinking of staying at a hotel since I was/am tired as hell [I really should be in bed--daymn coffee]) we were good as gold. We are home. Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away. *sigh* I'm just happy we made it in one piece, and Babygirl can rest....and with that, I am off to bed.

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