Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I never realized how much my brother and I look alike until I got my pictures in the mail today. That was a fun trip. Good time was had by all. Bear this weekend, fun fun fun!

Sunday, February 02, 2003

okay, almost forgot GUNG HOI FAT CHOI!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! (Belated) So here's to a better year than the last, much luck and success in career, love, personal life, dreams. . . etc. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Yay, my apartments clean . . . but I did it the day after . . . does that count? I sure hope so. I know I cleaned up the pad before new years, and this time around is the day after. Oh wells, at least she's clean . . . all that matters. Sucks that it had to be the same day Columbia exploded. Great, now i'm sad. Happy New Year, yet a tragedy occured. Sad that has to happen. I think i'll go now. Don't really know what to say. *sigh* Good night, I shall bid you all adieu. *mwa*