Monday, September 29, 2003

please keep the intia family in mind... i just found out from my cousin-n-law that they will have to take my uncle-n-law off of life support, and a memorial will be held on saturday. please keep nice thoughts, and your prayers for my uncle and the family. this has been a long ongoing battle. thank you.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

. . . . you had me at hello. you complete me. i am the king of the kingdom... the lord of the living. i want to be inspired. other guys have the calm, i have the qwam. why should i let this one go, when everything in my body says.. he is the one. you bet on i bet on you.
Circle of life From the day we arrive on the planet And blinking, step into the sun There's more to be seen than can ever be seen More to do than can ever be done Some say eat or be eaten Some say live and let live But all are agreed as they join the stampede You should never take more than you give (Chorus) In the Circle of Life It's the wheel of fortune It's the leap of faith It's the band of hope Till we find our place On the path unwinding In the Circle, the Circle of Life Some of us fall by the wayside And some of us soar to the stars And some of us sail through our troubles And some have to live with the scars There's far too much to take in here More to find than can ever be found But the sun rolling high Through the sapphire sky Keeps the great and small on the endless round (Chorus repeats) On the path unwinding In the Circle, the Circle of Life. * * * * * * * * * * i like this song...kinda fits. i pre-ordered my dvd...did you?

Thursday, September 25, 2003

you know what i miss? getting tapes from guys, making tapes for a guy, agonizing over what songs to put, the length of the song or even the tape, getting pages of 177012171176 or 6000 17173 or 143, 823 - 247 or 1 177155 400, letters they give to you on your way to your next class, or the way they look at you when they don't think you're looking, getting rides from them in their parents car (HA!), or their new integra or honda civic (whoo hooo), phone calls (and constantly being interrupted by your mom), getting goofy with the girls every time you talk about them, first dates...first anything for that matter, holding hands during breaks...or at the mall, staying up late talking...hoping your parents don't wake up and catch you. i also miss... staying up late in front of a computer trying to read a scroll... that's going too daymn fast! going on IRC trips (ROAD TRIP anyone?? anyone??), getting snail mail of pictures (before everyone started scanning everything, and being all high tech), bonfires, housewarmings, albertos, parties, random emails just saying hi and what up! visits from complete strangers....that i talk to online. singing on voice mails, or having someone else on my message, cutting class to go to the computer lab, eating dinner in front of the computer while tYpIng LiKe ThIs (we were so strange), and getting all happy whenever someone would yell out LEEN! (or insert name here). now we have... text messaging on our cellys, gadgets galore (BEST BUY RULES!!), aim, yahoo, msn, icq, and back by popular demand....mIRC! some of us have those same civics, cd players in our cars instead of tape decks, friendster (HA!), blogs or lj's, flying instead of driving (i even go alone!). there's probably more to add to my lists...ahhh those were the days. why did we have to grow up? i would so kill for a mix cd/tape, a 177012171176 text or even a 6000 17173. now no one has's all hi and good bye...but in the immortal words of blackstreet...don't say good bye...say good night. adieu.
remember this? ...I don't see it being a problem If I just get one little bitty kiss baby... I just can't let you get away, oh yeah... Lord, have mercy... I don't want lose your sweet love So don't say good-bye, say good-night. * * * * * * * * * * now who wants to make me a slow jam cd/tape? hahahhaha those were the days!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

have a little faith... i got my sign today. =)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN-LAN!! you're my age now! =) go out there and get you sum...and kick the fucker out!!! =) whoooo hoooooo drink up you alcoholic!!! hehe i'll take you out next time i'm home. happy birthday girl =) *mwah*

Monday, September 22, 2003

i wanna see this... who wants to come with? the previews alone moved me, actually...this looks like i'll probably cry. =) haven't seen a movie that has made me cry in a long time. they don't make 'em that way anymore huh?
quotable quotes the hardest part about moving forward... is not looking back. got that from bumblebootie. thanks girlie! that's so true!!! *mwah*

Sunday, September 21, 2003

whispers... i still know html. *mwah*
random lines "i've been thinking a lot lately about you and me, and i've came to a conclusion that i didn't want to deal with. but now that we talked i can't hide it anymore. i think we'd get a long much better, if we didn't spend so much time together anymore. why? because i'm driving you crazy, and you're driving me crazy, and i'd rather not see you, and have you think good things about me, then have you see me and hate me. cause i can't afford to have you hate me keith, the only things i care about in this god daymn life are me and my drums and you. adios." "...i went along with it cause i, i rather be next to somebody for the wrong reasons, then alone for the right ones. i'd rather be right. i couldn't stand being alone. nobody can stand being alone. the minute you stop thinking there's someone out there for you it's over, isn't it?...isn't it? i don't know." "...remember how i said i'd rather be with someone for the wrong reasons, then alone for the right ones? i'd rather be right. it's gonna feel good to stand on my own." "i'm sorry, i didn't know. yeah, well you're stupid. i always knew you were stupid. why didn't you tell me? you never asked. ...i wanted these, i really wanted them. they're yours. you knew you were going to get them. no i didn't, i hoped no i didn't know you knew. i had a feeling, well how do they look? you look good...wearing my future."
revisiting the past "...and these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. they're quite aware of what they're going through..." -david bowie as you walk on by...will you call my name?

Friday, September 19, 2003

voices of reason you see, i have these two voices of reason. . . and they usually say the same thing at about the same time. i've been really antsy lately. . . but i think i'll be okay now. they're basically just pointing out the obvious, and i really don't like listening (but i can't stop thinking about what they said). i can give them advice up the yin yang, but when it comes to me. . . it just takes a lil while to sink in. so i just wanted to thank gen and lissa. thanks guys, i love you both! *mwah*
so i've come to this conclusion friendster is evil! people that i've been not really hiding from, but not really associating with (for good reason) are finding me. i left them when i left the bay. . . they weren't supposed to be able to find me. not that i'm really hiding, but shit, no more drama! don't get me wrong, sometimes it's not evil. . . i like what some people write about me, or the fact that i can contact people that i haven't talked to or seen in years. why do the people that i don't want any contact with have to find me? why can't they just let the past be the past? maybe they feel that it's time to move on? that's all well and good. . . thing is. . . i still remember. some shit you just can't forget, no matter how hard you try, or how much time passes.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

i need this!! now who's gonna get it for me?
memory lane A little house with three bedrooms and one car on the street, A mower that you had to push to make the grass look neat. In the kitchen on the wall we only had one phone, And no need for recording things, someone was always home. We only had a living room where we would congregate, Unless it was at meal time in the kitchen where we ate. We had no need for family rooms or extra rooms to dine, When meeting as a family those two rooms would work out fine. We only had one TV set and channels maybe two, But always there was one of them with something worth the view. For snacks we had potato chips that tasted like a chip, And if you wanted flavor there was Lawson's � onion dip. Store bought snacks were rare because my mother liked to cook, And nothing can compare to snacks in Betty Crocker's � book. The snacks were even healthy with the best ingredients, There wa s no label with a hundred things that made no sense. Weekends were for family trips or staying home to play, We all did things together even go to church to pray. When we did our weekend trips depending on the weather, No one stayed at home because we liked to be together. Sometimes we would separate to do things on our own, But we knew where the others were without our own cell phone. Then there was the movies with your favorite movie star, And nothing can compare to watching movies in your car. Then there were the picnics at the peak of summer season, Pack a lunch and find some trees and never need a reason. Get a baseball game together with the friends you know, Have real action playing ball and no game video. Remember when the doctor used to be the family friend, And didn't need insurance or a lawyer to defend, The way that he took care of you or what he had to do, Because he took an oath and stri ved to do the best for you. Remember when the country was united under God, And prayer in schools and public places was not deemed as odd. Remember when the church was used for worshipping The Lord, And not used for commercial use or for some business board. Remember going to the store and shopping casually, And when you went to pay for it you used your own money. Nothing that you had to swipe or punch in some amount, Remember when the cashier person had to really count? Remember when we breathed the air it smelled so fresh and clean, And chemicals were not used on the grass to keep it green. The milkman and the bread man used to go from door to door, And it was just a few cents more than going to the store. There was a time when mailed letters came right to your door, Without a lot of junk mail ads sent out by every store. The mailman knew each house by name and knew where it was sent, There was not lo ads of mail addressed to present occupant. Remember when the words "I do" meant that you really did, And not just temporally till someone blows their lid. There was no such thing as no one's fault; we just made a mistake, There was a time when married life was built on give and take. There was a time when just one glance was all that it would take, And you would know the kind of car, the model and the make. They didn't look like turtles trying to squeeze every mile, They were streamlined, white walls and fins and really had some style. One time the music that you played whenever you would jive, Was from a vinyl, big holed record called a forty-five. The record player had a post to keep them all in line, And then the records would drop down and play one at a time. Oh sure we had our problems then just like we do today, And always we were striving, trying for a better way. And every year that passed us by bro ught new and greater things, We now can even program phones with music or with rings. Oh the simple life we lived still seems like so much fun, How can you explain a game, just kick the can and run. And why would boys put baseball cards between bicycle spokes, And for a nickel red machines had little bottled cokes. That life seemed so much easier and slower in some ways, I love the new technology but I sure miss those days. So time moves on and so do we and nothing stays the same But I sure love to reminisce and walk down memory lane. * * * * * * * * * * ahhh, the good 'ol days. i miss them so. *mwah*

Monday, September 15, 2003

i want it to be perfectly clear. . . like glass. thanks lan! *mwah* i promise not to do it again, and if i do. . . someone needs to be on the phone with me!! hehehehe i was careful, i promise!!! i was!! =)

Sunday, September 14, 2003

governors race? as i sit here reading my "california statewide special election official voter information guide" i get distracted by the fox news. you see, they have candidates go on the show for a few minutes (they've been doing this since this whole debacle started), and i was just appalled by the candidate tonight. she knew NOTHING about politics, and dogged every question that had anything to do with politics. you don't need to know about politics to run for governor? bull fucking shit. bitch runs a bar for god's sake. she's a "entrepreneur" this is her 3rd bar she's owned, and some other bullshit that she's been running. granted she wants to take the tax off of cigarettes (didn't even have a good enough reason for that), although that would be cool. . . still she didn't have another way to raise the money besides taking the tax off of cigs or alcohol. now tell me this. how is that going to make her the best candidate for governor? she says she dosen't need to know politics, how the fuck can she go on tv and say that? she clowned on davis, but i have a few more words for her. she couldn't answer a daymn question, she left looking like a friken fool. granted, i can't remember her name, but it wasn't in my 'offical voter information guide.' swear, everyone and their momma is running for governor. i still have no idea of who i'm voting for, but at least i decided that i'm going to do it via absentee. i have a month to decide. man. . . 134 candidates, and we only have to pick one. guess i better start up on my reading, i don't wanna pick one randomly. . . they say our vote counts right? so hopefully mine will count. *mwah*
my new friend so floudner is adjusting to his new home quite nicely. he's so soft and cuddly, you can't help but hug him (sales lady told us that i have to do that--cause he's a special plush). =) so here he is in his new home. . .
hehehe he sleeps with me in my bed. ;) *mwah*

Friday, September 12, 2003

happy birthday to my blog so all of you have seen one year of my random thoughts, vents, obsessions, happiness & sadness. you've seen my template changes, and updates (i still know html!!) & my random pictures. thank you all for reading, thanks for the input or for the random comments (i love comments). i'm glad i could entertain you in the only way i know how. you have been there through all my trips, seen me through my sadness. . . and lots of happy times. you have seen my writing style change (kinda), you have given me input on my questions, or you listened to me vent about anything and everything. thanks for going along with me on the ride, it was like yesterday i was asking mike. . . what is blogger? how do you do that comments thing? what do you write about? this was supposed to be an outlet for writing, and for the most part it's been just that. i still don't have a song to sing, but that's my bad. so yay, happy birthday to my blog, happy birthday to my blog, happy birthday little bloooooggggg, happy birthday to you. love you! *MWAH* thanks for introducing me to the world of blog mike!

Thursday, September 11, 2003

2 year anniversary

i remember turning on the tv. . . and i thought it was a clip from a movie. called my carpool buddy and made her turn on the tv, she started flipping out. as soon as we got to work we got sent back home. as soon as i got home i was trying to get a hold of michele (she was in jersey for business), couldn't get a hold of her. turns out she was supposed to be on the plane from jersey to sf. . . the one that crashed near the pentagon. i was freaking out, calling her cell like every hour on the hour. . . she ended up emailing me at work (so i didn't find out she was okay till the next day). it's just amazing to me, everyone seems to know someone who was affected by 9/11. . . i thought we were next. . .

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

random lyrics playing in my head I'm Standing on a bridge I'm waitin in the dark I thought that you'd be here by now Theres nothing but the rain No footsteps on the ground I'm listening but theres no sound Isn't anyone tryin to find me? Won't somebody come take me home It's a damn cold night Trying to figure out this life Wont you take me by the hand take me somewhere new I dont know who you are but I... I'm with you . . . It's a damn cold night Trying to figure out this life Wont you take me by the hand take me somewhere new I dont know who you are but I... I'm with you Take me by the hand take me somewhere new I dont know who you are but I... I'm with you I'm with you * * * * * * * * * lyrics always get stuck in there for some reason. i can't explain it. so i got excused from jury duty today. plaintiff's attorney probably didn't like any of my answers. oh well, too bad for him! that's what they get from interrupting me from my reading! i almost finished fellowship today. grrrrrrr. i think i'm content. *mwah*

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

picture pages, picture pages so i finally was able to download everything (and i mean everything). so herrrrrreeeeeee you go. . . pick a day, any day. . . day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4. sorry if some of them are blurry or what not, i'm not that great at takin pics (but i try). hope you enjoy the show! i want copies from everyone else. . . so hurry up and put them on ofoto, or what not. =) *mwah*

Monday, September 08, 2003

jersey - day 4 so it was my last day on the east coast. . . and we headed over to best buy! phil let me drive, so i can say i drove on the east coast. we picked up tim. . . then went to my most favorite store EVER! it's set up the same way as it is over in cali! i was like, oh wow. phil said i could dance in circles (on that big yellow dot) but i decided that i should contain myself. everything basically looks the same (i didn't think it would be any different--maybe the set up). so we headed over to barnes. i'm so sorry phil. . . i didn't mean to grind your lil girls gears. . . or forget how to take out the key. i'm really really sorry. yeah, i refused to drive after that. so yeah, i can now say i drove on the east coast (will i drive in the city? that's a whole other story). so after that we headed over and chilled at starbucks for a quick minute. . . took my last pictures of jersey (heh at starbucks). =) i love starbucks. . . coffee is ALWAYS good. phil basically told me it was up to me to decide what do to for the next 4 or so hours. of course i couldn't figure out what to do. . . then i was like. . . umm shotglass? so we headed to china town for one last time. =) i don't think anyone understood me when i said shot glass. . . the first lady just showed me where the sunglasses were. . . then we were just perusing different shops to see what they had. finally, i found one to add to my collection. . . a nice double shot with a black design. of course all the sanrio stores didn't have my pekkle. swear, i still don't know why they discontinued him. . . he's the cutest character ever! so after all that, we headed back to phil's to get my stuff. . . so the boys could drop me off at the airport. that was my last trip through the holland tunnel and pulaski skyway (for a lil while anyway). good thing we got there when we did. i was in a long ass line. . . then when i finally got through i had to rush to the gate. i had a lil bit of time to chill (and take out the contacts), so i was good. the plane ride was much better going back. no screaming children, nothing like that. buttttt the lady that sat next to me was friken irritating me! every time i laughed at the movie she would look at me with these big eyes, like. . . how dare you! sorry you didn't have a head set to listen with. . . it's not the same without the volume huh. even when i asked for orange juice she would stare at me. and she was moving around in her seat cause i think she got mad that i was using all my space up. i don't care if you can move in your seat beyatch, i'm not going to give you space. . . sorry you can't curl up in fetal position like me. jealous much? so in a nutshell. . . that was my trip to the east coast. i had soooo much fun out there. . . i wasn't bored, just tired. if you were on the plane i was on (hello--chain reaction of screaming babies interrupted the sleeping plan). . . you would understand. so i would like to thank phil for being a really great tour guide (swear, you had to put up with me for 4 days and cram in all the sites?). . . and absolutely wonderful company. almost exactly what i had in mind. =) don't worry, i'll be back. . . even with "formal karaoke" or whatever you pull out of your hat. thanks for letting me use your room. . . i really like your monitor. *HUG* i'm glad i was able to meet the "east coast irc'ers". . . always wanted to swing this way. . . and now i have. now i can put faces to the "nicks" (well besides pictures--so not the same). so yeah i'm back doing the daily once again. . . didn't have jury duty today, and i'm HELLA tired, yo. i think i've said enough about my trip. i can't wait to go back again. =) *MWAH*

Sunday, September 07, 2003

jersey - day 3 we actually slept in today. . . hehe i made phil watch lotr - two towers (well this mornin') and umm like usual. . . i fell asleep towards the middle. oooppppsss, sowee phil. so we didn't really sleep till like after 7ish. sorry about that. . . i know i kinda just got up and went to bed. . . sorry. so when we did get up we went to jersey gardens. . . i found a few stuff at h&m. phil was trying to tell me that over here, karaoke is "formal". he even got jayce to tell me that it was formal attire. phil was like. . . this is new york. wow cali has "casual karaoke"? and of course, like a dumb ass i sorta believe him. i'm not sure about this guy. . . swear. . . i can't tell when he's joking or when he's serious. grrrrrrrr. then when i was on the phone jayce was like, "do you guys have casual weddings?" i was just explaining afternoon type weddings as compared to evenings weddings (which i'm sure is the same out here). he was like, just go to h&m you can get a dress from them. then phil decides to tell me that for weddings it's mandatory that the dj play "new york new york" and on the groomsmen bottom left sleeve they have two bands. . . symbolizing the man and the woman. swear. . . he had me believing the "formal karaoke" till we were about to leave to go pick tim up. i was like. . . aren't you going to change? so we get to 2nd & 2nd. i've never been to the karaoke places with the rooms before. it was kinda cool actually, and yes. . . they made me sing. it wasn't so bad. . . i finally sang that christina aguilera song i've been meaning to sing at jac. figured i practiced it, and the words were like right there. . . so why not? i was living the dream, as tim put it. HA! but after a few glasses of red wine, i was singing with roz, or whatever was playing. it was really fun. didn't think karaoke could be that fun. i guess that's why phil likes it so much. i think it's his favorite thing to do. he was all excited about it. daymn you formal karaoke! i'll get you back. . . you watch. . . i will. that was a really cool way to end my actual last day/night over here. next time i come out we're gonna hit up a lot of other places. heh. atlantic city. . . here we come! so yeah, today we're gonna go to BEST BUY!!! i LOVE that store. i'm gonna make phil dance in circles! hahahha so you guys have a great day. . . i'll be back on a plane tonight. ahhh vacation was way to short. . . but i had the best time ever. so not bored. so glad i came. =) with all that. . . i shall bid ya'll adieu. *mwa*

Saturday, September 06, 2003

jersey - day 2 actually we hit up ny via the "path". we walked all over the city (haven't done that much walking. . . ever). we went through times square, 5th ave, passed by radio city music hall, stopped in at st. patricks cathedral, went to the nba store, & disney store. . . . and through central park. ^_^ while we were at the disney store. . . I FOUND FLOUNDER!!!! he was the very last one & he's a special plush. . . he's so cuddly. i love him. i've been looking all over for the little guy. . . and i find him in the disney store in nyc. hmmmmmmmm. interesting, yes? so anyway, we were trying to get a cab. . . we walked along central park & some side streets. . . phil kept trying but no one wanted to stop so he let me do it. heh. 2 minutes later we're getting into a cab. heheh *snap* i think i can make it out here. heheheh so yay, my first cab ride in nyc! he was kinda scary. . . i kept looking at how close he would get to the other cars. so we hooked up with jayce and had lunch/dinner at bbq's. food was good, but their rasberry ice tea sucks. . . it was like colored water. maybe i should start drinking soda again (at least when i come out here). we walked down canal street and phil was forcing me to go into stores and trying to get me to buy things. . . since he didn't want me to make them all walk down without buying anything. . . i personally didn't think it was a waste of time or anything since i'm just taking everything in (it's a friken big ass city!!! - and i'm only one small person. . . kinda overwhelming). but at least they said i don't walk slow--heh i was actually keeping up with them. they said by the end of the day i'd have calves of steal. . . i already have calves of steal! *flex* this was like step class, or not even. . . i wasn't even tired. *pats back* *flings hair* then we went on my very first subway!!! it was actually kinda of nice. i kept looking at everyone (i love people watching). it's kinda like the bart, but considering that i only went on the bart once i can't really compare (or is the path like bart? i don't remember). jayce hopped on another subway ('cause he didn't wanna go up steps with us--or something) . . and we went up the empire state building. it's hella tall man! but i love lights, it's sooooo much better than twin peaks. you get an all around view of the city--which was very cool. these lights were way better than s.f. lights. . . but we were also way higher up than if we were at twin peaks--so i think that counts for something. i kept thinking of sleepless in seattle when we were up there, i was like. . . it didn't look like this in the movie! it actually looked a lot smaller, but i guess if it wasn't packed with all those people then maybe it would have looked bigger. anyway. . . so we took the path back to jersey. went to take a few pics of the skyline (it was hella nice--well especially since it didn't rain today). then phil showed me the giants stadium and something else (can't remember--sowee). . . and my tour of jersey and nyc was officially over. i still can't remember the name of that bridge we keep going on. . . starts with a p? since the tour was over. . . we "attempted" to play harry potter sorcerer's stone over at tim's pad. so yeah, basically i'm stuck--i think i'm just going to give up. we played some other game. . . something to do with disney characters. . . then halo. i had absolutely no idea what i was doing. . . i was just trying to kill phil while spinning around in circles (or i should say "destiny" was trying to kill "ver7igo" hehehhe). hehehe sorry for shooting you tim, i got confused. so we started playing the actual game. . .got a little tired of it. . . then i got a little dizzy. umm sorry guys. . . so didn't expect that to happen. i haven't done that in a while. . . maybe it was just time. . . you know time and place for everything (umm yeah okay). at least i didn't umm yeah all over your living room heheheh soweee. then we headed back to phil's and watched my man shoot some arrows. . . and gracefully get on his horse (i don't care if that's cg. . . he still looks hot doing it!!). *sigh* by the time we actually went to bed it was past 7ish in the morning. . . then i woke up to early. . . woke up phil. . . then went back to bed. . . then "attempted" to wake up phil after a few hours of quality time with the bed. now i'm up and ready to go. . . so with all this i shall bid you adieu. have a wonderful weekend. . . i know i am. =) *MWA*

Friday, September 05, 2003

jersey - day 1 so as soon as i get on the plane. . . screaming babies EVERYWHERE. it's like they were getting inside my head. . . i felt like my head was about to explode. i know for a fact that no one in my row was able to sleep. i was just listening to my cd's and trying to figure out what movie they were playing. i bet, even if i started reading lotr i wouldn't have fallen asleep. . . hell, i could have finished the book!! i could not wait to land--swear that made me never want to have children. . . EVER!!! so i land (nice airport btw). . .phil was on time--even though he joked that he might be late (or have jayce come get me). . . my luggage was like the last one they throw out (or whatever they do). hehe i thought it got lost, or it was left in la by then. then we go to breakfast--DUDE you can smoke inside the resturant!!!!! i was like. . . hell yeah! that's a first for me (come on now--you can only do that in vegas!!), considering you can't do that in cali (and i'm told also in ny). anyway, i got the driving tour of jersey and parts of ny on day 1. we went through hoboken (i like the buildings btw), and we went on a bunch of bridges (i don't remember the names. . . one of them starts with a p--i was supposed to have a test at the end of the day but i think we were too tired then). one of the first places we went to was mitsuwa. i think i've been to the one over in cali before with my family (i think)--dude. . . you can smoke in this one!! haha i think i just got excited to see that you can smoke in places where you can't over in cali. it was really really overcast (and off and on raining) so we couldn't see the skyline. . . so we headed over to see lady liberty. we rode a ferry!! i haven't done that in years (at least i think i did--can't remember exactly when i did). we went over to ellis island (we didn't get off) then off to the statue of liberty. she's friken huge! i was like whoa. i even bought my daddy a hat from the "outside gift shop". and i so appologize to phil. . . i was "hella" tired at that point ( & I WAS NOT BORED!!!!). i had a great time during the site seeing (you're a really great tour guide!!). ^_^ you're soooo the bomb! we went driving around after that--grabbed some coffee at starbucks (i love coffee!!) and we were on our way to the city. now before this, i actually wanted to drive up in the city. . . umm after like a second i changed my mind. dude, it's like we were in the pinas! people were just walking out in the street, and they not only cut you off, they don't signal, and everyone just goes. i was scared just sitting on the passenger side! i was totally freaked out. like yeah. heheeh then off to hop kee for dinner (we'll we got there "hella" early so we walked around china town). since i was "hella" tired i was sitting in the car as everyone was coming in. . . let's get this straight. i was TIRED, i do not have an attitude problem, and I WAS NOT BORED!!! you try not really sleeping the night before, getting on a plane with children screaming the entire 5 or so hours. . . i wanna see how hyper you are. i think i was hungry, cause after we ate (i really liked it btw) i was semi-fine again. hehe i got to meet the east coast irc'ers, let's see. . .gail, donna, anna, jayce, john, airs (i can't remember your wife or your girlfriends name?), ohhhh the baby (he's "hella" cute!), hubert, and roz (i probably missed someone--sorry). so don't worry guys i told them all ya'll said hi, and they said hi back. heheh as soon as we got to the table all the cameras were out and we started passing the baby around, and takin' pics at every stop (pics to come later). so yeah, then off to bubble tea (after we took the pic outside of hop kee [they tell me it's traditon]). . . it's not exactly like boba, or pearl tea. . . but it's good. at that point i was just gone. i needed to re-charge my batteries (it's not like i'm 23 again, pullin' the all nighters. . . or hittin up the clubs and going home at ungodly hours--i really hate getting old). so back to jersey we went. surprisingly it took me a lil bit to fall asleep. i mean it was only 9 something cali time and 12 something jersey time. . . i tried to entertain myself with the tv, then i logged on to see who was up. i went to go see if phil was still up--then i saw the lights off, so i went back upstairs. i know i fell asleep cause when i opened my eyes again it was friken bright as hell (well hell isn't bright--actually i don't know about that one). so i'm up now. 10:52 jersey. . . so it's like 7:52 back at home. i swear, i hate waking up early all the time. . . this is why i never sleep in!! even if i was tired cause of the day/night before!! arrgghhh!! i'm so having the bestest time ever. i hear the weather is really nice today. shorts it is! heheh okies, since i'm up. . . i'm gonna go wake up phil! have a great day everyone!!!!!! *MWA* all the way from joisy baby!!! =)

Monday, September 01, 2003

random lines. . . again (it never ends!!) you said it was bad timing and i figured if i asked again maybe you'd say yes and if not that time then maybe the next time till the next time became the right time ahhh, persistence you'd be suprised how far it can get you. jealosy is a sickness let it go and just walk away. i don't even know why i'm here. after all these years together you don't know why you're here? all we have marvin is all these years. . . and it's just not enough. . . anymore. you want some truism my friend? when that jones comes down, it's gonna be muthafucka. * * * * * * * * * * 2/34