Thursday, September 25, 2003

you know what i miss? getting tapes from guys, making tapes for a guy, agonizing over what songs to put, the length of the song or even the tape, getting pages of 177012171176 or 6000 17173 or 143, 823 - 247 or 1 177155 400, letters they give to you on your way to your next class, or the way they look at you when they don't think you're looking, getting rides from them in their parents car (HA!), or their new integra or honda civic (whoo hooo), phone calls (and constantly being interrupted by your mom), getting goofy with the girls every time you talk about them, first dates...first anything for that matter, holding hands during breaks...or at the mall, staying up late talking...hoping your parents don't wake up and catch you. i also miss... staying up late in front of a computer trying to read a scroll... that's going too daymn fast! going on IRC trips (ROAD TRIP anyone?? anyone??), getting snail mail of pictures (before everyone started scanning everything, and being all high tech), bonfires, housewarmings, albertos, parties, random emails just saying hi and what up! visits from complete strangers....that i talk to online. singing on voice mails, or having someone else on my message, cutting class to go to the computer lab, eating dinner in front of the computer while tYpIng LiKe ThIs (we were so strange), and getting all happy whenever someone would yell out LEEN! (or insert name here). now we have... text messaging on our cellys, gadgets galore (BEST BUY RULES!!), aim, yahoo, msn, icq, and back by popular demand....mIRC! some of us have those same civics, cd players in our cars instead of tape decks, friendster (HA!), blogs or lj's, flying instead of driving (i even go alone!). there's probably more to add to my lists...ahhh those were the days. why did we have to grow up? i would so kill for a mix cd/tape, a 177012171176 text or even a 6000 17173. now no one has's all hi and good bye...but in the immortal words of blackstreet...don't say good bye...say good night. adieu.

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