Sunday, September 14, 2003

governors race? as i sit here reading my "california statewide special election official voter information guide" i get distracted by the fox news. you see, they have candidates go on the show for a few minutes (they've been doing this since this whole debacle started), and i was just appalled by the candidate tonight. she knew NOTHING about politics, and dogged every question that had anything to do with politics. you don't need to know about politics to run for governor? bull fucking shit. bitch runs a bar for god's sake. she's a "entrepreneur" this is her 3rd bar she's owned, and some other bullshit that she's been running. granted she wants to take the tax off of cigarettes (didn't even have a good enough reason for that), although that would be cool. . . still she didn't have another way to raise the money besides taking the tax off of cigs or alcohol. now tell me this. how is that going to make her the best candidate for governor? she says she dosen't need to know politics, how the fuck can she go on tv and say that? she clowned on davis, but i have a few more words for her. she couldn't answer a daymn question, she left looking like a friken fool. granted, i can't remember her name, but it wasn't in my 'offical voter information guide.' swear, everyone and their momma is running for governor. i still have no idea of who i'm voting for, but at least i decided that i'm going to do it via absentee. i have a month to decide. man. . . 134 candidates, and we only have to pick one. guess i better start up on my reading, i don't wanna pick one randomly. . . they say our vote counts right? so hopefully mine will count. *mwah*

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