Monday, September 08, 2003

jersey - day 4 so it was my last day on the east coast. . . and we headed over to best buy! phil let me drive, so i can say i drove on the east coast. we picked up tim. . . then went to my most favorite store EVER! it's set up the same way as it is over in cali! i was like, oh wow. phil said i could dance in circles (on that big yellow dot) but i decided that i should contain myself. everything basically looks the same (i didn't think it would be any different--maybe the set up). so we headed over to barnes. i'm so sorry phil. . . i didn't mean to grind your lil girls gears. . . or forget how to take out the key. i'm really really sorry. yeah, i refused to drive after that. so yeah, i can now say i drove on the east coast (will i drive in the city? that's a whole other story). so after that we headed over and chilled at starbucks for a quick minute. . . took my last pictures of jersey (heh at starbucks). =) i love starbucks. . . coffee is ALWAYS good. phil basically told me it was up to me to decide what do to for the next 4 or so hours. of course i couldn't figure out what to do. . . then i was like. . . umm shotglass? so we headed to china town for one last time. =) i don't think anyone understood me when i said shot glass. . . the first lady just showed me where the sunglasses were. . . then we were just perusing different shops to see what they had. finally, i found one to add to my collection. . . a nice double shot with a black design. of course all the sanrio stores didn't have my pekkle. swear, i still don't know why they discontinued him. . . he's the cutest character ever! so after all that, we headed back to phil's to get my stuff. . . so the boys could drop me off at the airport. that was my last trip through the holland tunnel and pulaski skyway (for a lil while anyway). good thing we got there when we did. i was in a long ass line. . . then when i finally got through i had to rush to the gate. i had a lil bit of time to chill (and take out the contacts), so i was good. the plane ride was much better going back. no screaming children, nothing like that. buttttt the lady that sat next to me was friken irritating me! every time i laughed at the movie she would look at me with these big eyes, like. . . how dare you! sorry you didn't have a head set to listen with. . . it's not the same without the volume huh. even when i asked for orange juice she would stare at me. and she was moving around in her seat cause i think she got mad that i was using all my space up. i don't care if you can move in your seat beyatch, i'm not going to give you space. . . sorry you can't curl up in fetal position like me. jealous much? so in a nutshell. . . that was my trip to the east coast. i had soooo much fun out there. . . i wasn't bored, just tired. if you were on the plane i was on (hello--chain reaction of screaming babies interrupted the sleeping plan). . . you would understand. so i would like to thank phil for being a really great tour guide (swear, you had to put up with me for 4 days and cram in all the sites?). . . and absolutely wonderful company. almost exactly what i had in mind. =) don't worry, i'll be back. . . even with "formal karaoke" or whatever you pull out of your hat. thanks for letting me use your room. . . i really like your monitor. *HUG* i'm glad i was able to meet the "east coast irc'ers". . . always wanted to swing this way. . . and now i have. now i can put faces to the "nicks" (well besides pictures--so not the same). so yeah i'm back doing the daily once again. . . didn't have jury duty today, and i'm HELLA tired, yo. i think i've said enough about my trip. i can't wait to go back again. =) *MWAH*

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