Saturday, September 06, 2003

jersey - day 2 actually we hit up ny via the "path". we walked all over the city (haven't done that much walking. . . ever). we went through times square, 5th ave, passed by radio city music hall, stopped in at st. patricks cathedral, went to the nba store, & disney store. . . . and through central park. ^_^ while we were at the disney store. . . I FOUND FLOUNDER!!!! he was the very last one & he's a special plush. . . he's so cuddly. i love him. i've been looking all over for the little guy. . . and i find him in the disney store in nyc. hmmmmmmmm. interesting, yes? so anyway, we were trying to get a cab. . . we walked along central park & some side streets. . . phil kept trying but no one wanted to stop so he let me do it. heh. 2 minutes later we're getting into a cab. heheh *snap* i think i can make it out here. heheheh so yay, my first cab ride in nyc! he was kinda scary. . . i kept looking at how close he would get to the other cars. so we hooked up with jayce and had lunch/dinner at bbq's. food was good, but their rasberry ice tea sucks. . . it was like colored water. maybe i should start drinking soda again (at least when i come out here). we walked down canal street and phil was forcing me to go into stores and trying to get me to buy things. . . since he didn't want me to make them all walk down without buying anything. . . i personally didn't think it was a waste of time or anything since i'm just taking everything in (it's a friken big ass city!!! - and i'm only one small person. . . kinda overwhelming). but at least they said i don't walk slow--heh i was actually keeping up with them. they said by the end of the day i'd have calves of steal. . . i already have calves of steal! *flex* this was like step class, or not even. . . i wasn't even tired. *pats back* *flings hair* then we went on my very first subway!!! it was actually kinda of nice. i kept looking at everyone (i love people watching). it's kinda like the bart, but considering that i only went on the bart once i can't really compare (or is the path like bart? i don't remember). jayce hopped on another subway ('cause he didn't wanna go up steps with us--or something) . . and we went up the empire state building. it's hella tall man! but i love lights, it's sooooo much better than twin peaks. you get an all around view of the city--which was very cool. these lights were way better than s.f. lights. . . but we were also way higher up than if we were at twin peaks--so i think that counts for something. i kept thinking of sleepless in seattle when we were up there, i was like. . . it didn't look like this in the movie! it actually looked a lot smaller, but i guess if it wasn't packed with all those people then maybe it would have looked bigger. anyway. . . so we took the path back to jersey. went to take a few pics of the skyline (it was hella nice--well especially since it didn't rain today). then phil showed me the giants stadium and something else (can't remember--sowee). . . and my tour of jersey and nyc was officially over. i still can't remember the name of that bridge we keep going on. . . starts with a p? since the tour was over. . . we "attempted" to play harry potter sorcerer's stone over at tim's pad. so yeah, basically i'm stuck--i think i'm just going to give up. we played some other game. . . something to do with disney characters. . . then halo. i had absolutely no idea what i was doing. . . i was just trying to kill phil while spinning around in circles (or i should say "destiny" was trying to kill "ver7igo" hehehhe). hehehe sorry for shooting you tim, i got confused. so we started playing the actual game. . .got a little tired of it. . . then i got a little dizzy. umm sorry guys. . . so didn't expect that to happen. i haven't done that in a while. . . maybe it was just time. . . you know time and place for everything (umm yeah okay). at least i didn't umm yeah all over your living room heheheh soweee. then we headed back to phil's and watched my man shoot some arrows. . . and gracefully get on his horse (i don't care if that's cg. . . he still looks hot doing it!!). *sigh* by the time we actually went to bed it was past 7ish in the morning. . . then i woke up to early. . . woke up phil. . . then went back to bed. . . then "attempted" to wake up phil after a few hours of quality time with the bed. now i'm up and ready to go. . . so with all this i shall bid you adieu. have a wonderful weekend. . . i know i am. =) *MWA*

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