Sunday, September 07, 2003

jersey - day 3 we actually slept in today. . . hehe i made phil watch lotr - two towers (well this mornin') and umm like usual. . . i fell asleep towards the middle. oooppppsss, sowee phil. so we didn't really sleep till like after 7ish. sorry about that. . . i know i kinda just got up and went to bed. . . sorry. so when we did get up we went to jersey gardens. . . i found a few stuff at h&m. phil was trying to tell me that over here, karaoke is "formal". he even got jayce to tell me that it was formal attire. phil was like. . . this is new york. wow cali has "casual karaoke"? and of course, like a dumb ass i sorta believe him. i'm not sure about this guy. . . swear. . . i can't tell when he's joking or when he's serious. grrrrrrrr. then when i was on the phone jayce was like, "do you guys have casual weddings?" i was just explaining afternoon type weddings as compared to evenings weddings (which i'm sure is the same out here). he was like, just go to h&m you can get a dress from them. then phil decides to tell me that for weddings it's mandatory that the dj play "new york new york" and on the groomsmen bottom left sleeve they have two bands. . . symbolizing the man and the woman. swear. . . he had me believing the "formal karaoke" till we were about to leave to go pick tim up. i was like. . . aren't you going to change? so we get to 2nd & 2nd. i've never been to the karaoke places with the rooms before. it was kinda cool actually, and yes. . . they made me sing. it wasn't so bad. . . i finally sang that christina aguilera song i've been meaning to sing at jac. figured i practiced it, and the words were like right there. . . so why not? i was living the dream, as tim put it. HA! but after a few glasses of red wine, i was singing with roz, or whatever was playing. it was really fun. didn't think karaoke could be that fun. i guess that's why phil likes it so much. i think it's his favorite thing to do. he was all excited about it. daymn you formal karaoke! i'll get you back. . . you watch. . . i will. that was a really cool way to end my actual last day/night over here. next time i come out we're gonna hit up a lot of other places. heh. atlantic city. . . here we come! so yeah, today we're gonna go to BEST BUY!!! i LOVE that store. i'm gonna make phil dance in circles! hahahha so you guys have a great day. . . i'll be back on a plane tonight. ahhh vacation was way to short. . . but i had the best time ever. so not bored. so glad i came. =) with all that. . . i shall bid ya'll adieu. *mwa*

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