Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get out of your head.

This week I'm on a Study Break. Yes, my exam is on Saturday. I said it. I've been so afraid to put it out there, but I'm taking it. As I was taking mini tests on my Grossman app, I had to stop and tell myself...STOP GETTING INTO YOUR HEAD! Took a deep breath and was able to focus again.

My favorite Clinical Sup told me, you know how to do a MSE & Bio Psycho Social. You have the tools. You need to figure out what they're asking you. He also said to stop second guessing myself, go with my first answer.  One of my dear friends also told me to, "knock that shit off!"  So that's what I have to do.

That was the best advice, besides getting AATBS material. After I stopped second guessing myself, I eventually got a 92% on the 4th try on my Grossman app. It was 60%, 68%, 68%, & 92%. I bought the package so it shifts the questions around in a set of 25. So really, I've done 100 questions today. I should be prepped for when I take my AATBS practice exam. 

Yes I'm anxious, but I know I have good Clinical Judgement. I already do the job. I just need to pass 2 tests to get my License. I can do this. 

The mind is a fascinating thing huh. Powerful. I just need to focus. 

Hope you all are well!



Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hot Chocolate 15k

I spent a lot of the morning hanging out & waiting for things to start. So when it actually started, it was cold & I wasn't sure how it was going to be.  We were also there way too early, and I'm wondering why they had the 5k start an hour before the 15k'ers.  Also, I struggled with the parking and the shuttles, but they were run really well.

The first mile was so congested & I actually got hit by some guy who ended up grabbing me & asking if I was alright. Yeah, an apology would have sufficed & seeing how congested it was you didn't have to be such an ass after. 

I was basically sneaking through people & trying to get through. It calmed down prior to the 2nd mile. 

First 5k was really good, except when I had a coughing fit after the water stop. The water was too cold, I felt better after burping it out. Let's just say, all water stops were like that. 

Once I reached the Great Highway I was feeling pretty good. Made that lady my BEYATCH! After the 10k I struggled up all the long slow inclines. I overheard someone say that once you reached the bridge (close to the 9 mile mark) it's all downhill from there. It was, you can tell by my finishing pace for the last .30/.42. 

I felt pretty bad ass, wanted to race it out. I know I really need to add hill training into my training again. It's hard in my area, but hill repeats at the trail will need to happen.

So it was a good first 15k (Garmin Stats), first race of the year & birthday race. I am a happy girl!

Hope you all are well!


Friday, January 10, 2014

First official race of the year!

On Sunday is the Hot Chocolate 15k! I won my entry from @CarleeMcDot, so thank you again!! My very first 15k ever & my official Birthday Race! I never win those contests, so I'm really happy. I didn't even mind paying for the parking pass & shuttle.

My cold, I believe has left me. I'm running at my half marathon pace, more consistently. I even pulled a negative split & held it strong the entire time the last time I ran. 

Now I rest & recover because Sunday, it's on! Golden Gate Park, I will make you my bitch! So Saturday, crashing hella early. That's what I dislike most about Sunday races in SF that I don't stay overnight for...but I am pretty excited. 

Sportsbasement was having a sale too, 20% off of everything. So I upgraded my hydration pack to a Salomon. My Camelbak is ready to rest & only be used for hiking. Besides, she's just chafing me now. So here's hoping this will be better.

Other than that, still studying for my exam. Got a study/vacation week approved for at the end of the month. Pretty exciting. Oh & I cut my hair again & I got my first mammogram. Yeah, age milestones are fun. 

New year, new hair, birthday race. Good times. 

Hope you all are well!


Saturday, January 04, 2014

It's my Birthday!

Now I'm 40. I'm in a new Age Group for races & my time bumps down slightly for Boston. Masters Level, what's up!!

Today was awesome. Even though I haven't done double digit distance in over a month, I did today! Pretty good w/ no distance training. Legs are having a hard time recovering, but I'll get it back. Hell, I have the Hot Chocolate 15k next weekend, so I gotta snap out of this sickness & a quick recovery. 

Then my family surprised me & all of them were there for my late lunch/dinner. It was so much fun seeing everyone. It's been a while since we all got together. It's hard growing up, right? We all have separate lives, but we're still we gotta work hard to make time for each other. 

Now I'm home, doing laundry & watching the Big Bang Theory w/ my Man. Well, drinking wine, & him, his beer. A simple night. I don't need much to be happy. <3

What I really need is to get rid of this cold. That's what I want, now someone, make it happen. 

Anyway, I'm 40. I'm in a new Age Group. 40 & fabulous!!  Life begins now right?

Hope you all are well!




Friday, January 03, 2014

Anyone in my area??

One thing that I used to love after Club Run SF, was when we put together our own weekly runs.  I used to send out emails every week, we all decided which routes, what distance.  It made me feel a part of something and re-connected to the running community.  The only thing was I used to drive 2 hours out or so to get to everyone since I live/lived so far.    

I'm looking for more runners in the Monterey/Marina/Salinas area.  Anyone out there?  I need more running friends who want to do weekly runs.  Anyone, out there?  Let me know!

I see you all out there, let's connect.  Well, I hope you see this, I don't know else where to find you all.

Hope all is well!