Friday, January 10, 2014

First official race of the year!

On Sunday is the Hot Chocolate 15k! I won my entry from @CarleeMcDot, so thank you again!! My very first 15k ever & my official Birthday Race! I never win those contests, so I'm really happy. I didn't even mind paying for the parking pass & shuttle.

My cold, I believe has left me. I'm running at my half marathon pace, more consistently. I even pulled a negative split & held it strong the entire time the last time I ran. 

Now I rest & recover because Sunday, it's on! Golden Gate Park, I will make you my bitch! So Saturday, crashing hella early. That's what I dislike most about Sunday races in SF that I don't stay overnight for...but I am pretty excited. 

Sportsbasement was having a sale too, 20% off of everything. So I upgraded my hydration pack to a Salomon. My Camelbak is ready to rest & only be used for hiking. Besides, she's just chafing me now. So here's hoping this will be better.

Other than that, still studying for my exam. Got a study/vacation week approved for at the end of the month. Pretty exciting. Oh & I cut my hair again & I got my first mammogram. Yeah, age milestones are fun. 

New year, new hair, birthday race. Good times. 

Hope you all are well!


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