Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get out of your head.

This week I'm on a Study Break. Yes, my exam is on Saturday. I said it. I've been so afraid to put it out there, but I'm taking it. As I was taking mini tests on my Grossman app, I had to stop and tell myself...STOP GETTING INTO YOUR HEAD! Took a deep breath and was able to focus again.

My favorite Clinical Sup told me, you know how to do a MSE & Bio Psycho Social. You have the tools. You need to figure out what they're asking you. He also said to stop second guessing myself, go with my first answer.  One of my dear friends also told me to, "knock that shit off!"  So that's what I have to do.

That was the best advice, besides getting AATBS material. After I stopped second guessing myself, I eventually got a 92% on the 4th try on my Grossman app. It was 60%, 68%, 68%, & 92%. I bought the package so it shifts the questions around in a set of 25. So really, I've done 100 questions today. I should be prepped for when I take my AATBS practice exam. 

Yes I'm anxious, but I know I have good Clinical Judgement. I already do the job. I just need to pass 2 tests to get my License. I can do this. 

The mind is a fascinating thing huh. Powerful. I just need to focus. 

Hope you all are well!



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