Sunday, June 28, 2015

Always learning

So I've decided to wait until January to take the new rounds of examinations. If I'm gonna take an easier or shorter exam it'll be the Law & Ethics, which I'm more prepared for. They're replacing the Clinical Vinyettes with the national exam. So at least at the end of all this, I can practice anywhere within the continental United States. 

Positive thinking right?  Officially I'm not studying. I'm just immersing myself in social work prep books other than TDC material. I think it's good because I'm learning in other forms. The more I read & apply it to work, the more the material sticks in my head. It's not like they're teaching me. Hell, I get punished for teaching myself. 

I pretty much have learned so much in what little time I have been at my newest placement. It's okay though, I'm stronger for it. Every day is a test. Every day I learn something new. My skin get's tougher. They won't break me. 

I am continuing my inward journey, making things positive. Besides, I have no control over what anyone else thinks. Only myself. I have to continue to remind myself of this. 

Yoga had really been helping me. It keeps me grounded, open to new challenges, while getting me flexible. Really works my abs too. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Narrative Therapy

So after yesterday's session, or during, my therapist said I'm doing Narrative Therapy on myself. It's basically taking the problem, looking at it outside of yourself & creating a solution. I didn't really see that until she pointed it out. I always associated Narrative w/ creating a new story, but now, I will always remember it. 

I suppose it's because I'm looking at everything from a different perspective. I'm attempting to not give the exams more power than they should have. I also looked back & can see how much stronger clinically I am because I've been forced to take them so many times. So yeah, I have taken the problem & looked at it outside of myself. 

I'm focusing on all the positives & learning how to grow as a person. Ashtanga Yoga is helping me with that. Not just the advanced poses, but it's making me go inside & that's where you do all the work. Trying to be less frustrated with myself & having lots of patience. Forgiving others, even if I don't feel they're sorry for what they've done. I forgive, for myself. I don't have a right to know how others feel about me, I only have control over myself. I'm doing the best to keep it positive & stay strong in all aspects of my life. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Upekshanam or Equanimity

I am learning that we are more than what our goals are. I started "pouring" myself more into one aspect of my life & was severely disappointed. But you know, I have to remind myself here & there that my work does not define me. That exam, does not define who I am.

I have always been so many things. A daughter, sister, girlfriend, pup mom, runner, social worker & now a yogi. I am learning to change my perspective & reminding myself that I will get disappointed, I won't succeed at everything every time. But what I will do is get up, dust myself off, and try again.  I have always been really good at that. 

I am getting more into the inward journey of yoga. For the past 4 years, I did yoga as cross-training for running. But I'm finding it so much more rewarding when you go deeper into the practice. The poses are one thing, but I find myself all over more balanced when I just focus on the moment. Practice mindfulness, like I used to teach. 

It's just a natural evolution so to speak, I think. My path has just lead me this way. God & the universe have pulled me in this direction, it has taken a few things to pull me this way. Now I'm fully accepting my journey & enjoying all the steps. 

I'm actually happier now & not letting anything bother me. Practicing upekshanam, being more calm, not let things get to me so much. It's actually been good. 

I'm really enjoying this inward journey. Practicing what I preach, I'm not gonna let the exam get the better of me. I'm also working on some things, namely, anxiety. It's actually really going well. I'll say that much. 

Anyway, if you're reading, thank you. Hope you have a nice day!