Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hot Chocolate 15k

I spent a lot of the morning hanging out & waiting for things to start. So when it actually started, it was cold & I wasn't sure how it was going to be.  We were also there way too early, and I'm wondering why they had the 5k start an hour before the 15k'ers.  Also, I struggled with the parking and the shuttles, but they were run really well.

The first mile was so congested & I actually got hit by some guy who ended up grabbing me & asking if I was alright. Yeah, an apology would have sufficed & seeing how congested it was you didn't have to be such an ass after. 

I was basically sneaking through people & trying to get through. It calmed down prior to the 2nd mile. 

First 5k was really good, except when I had a coughing fit after the water stop. The water was too cold, I felt better after burping it out. Let's just say, all water stops were like that. 

Once I reached the Great Highway I was feeling pretty good. Made that lady my BEYATCH! After the 10k I struggled up all the long slow inclines. I overheard someone say that once you reached the bridge (close to the 9 mile mark) it's all downhill from there. It was, you can tell by my finishing pace for the last .30/.42. 

I felt pretty bad ass, wanted to race it out. I know I really need to add hill training into my training again. It's hard in my area, but hill repeats at the trail will need to happen.

So it was a good first 15k (Garmin Stats), first race of the year & birthday race. I am a happy girl!

Hope you all are well!


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