Friday, September 05, 2003

jersey - day 1 so as soon as i get on the plane. . . screaming babies EVERYWHERE. it's like they were getting inside my head. . . i felt like my head was about to explode. i know for a fact that no one in my row was able to sleep. i was just listening to my cd's and trying to figure out what movie they were playing. i bet, even if i started reading lotr i wouldn't have fallen asleep. . . hell, i could have finished the book!! i could not wait to land--swear that made me never want to have children. . . EVER!!! so i land (nice airport btw). . .phil was on time--even though he joked that he might be late (or have jayce come get me). . . my luggage was like the last one they throw out (or whatever they do). hehe i thought it got lost, or it was left in la by then. then we go to breakfast--DUDE you can smoke inside the resturant!!!!! i was like. . . hell yeah! that's a first for me (come on now--you can only do that in vegas!!), considering you can't do that in cali (and i'm told also in ny). anyway, i got the driving tour of jersey and parts of ny on day 1. we went through hoboken (i like the buildings btw), and we went on a bunch of bridges (i don't remember the names. . . one of them starts with a p--i was supposed to have a test at the end of the day but i think we were too tired then). one of the first places we went to was mitsuwa. i think i've been to the one over in cali before with my family (i think)--dude. . . you can smoke in this one!! haha i think i just got excited to see that you can smoke in places where you can't over in cali. it was really really overcast (and off and on raining) so we couldn't see the skyline. . . so we headed over to see lady liberty. we rode a ferry!! i haven't done that in years (at least i think i did--can't remember exactly when i did). we went over to ellis island (we didn't get off) then off to the statue of liberty. she's friken huge! i was like whoa. i even bought my daddy a hat from the "outside gift shop". and i so appologize to phil. . . i was "hella" tired at that point ( & I WAS NOT BORED!!!!). i had a great time during the site seeing (you're a really great tour guide!!). ^_^ you're soooo the bomb! we went driving around after that--grabbed some coffee at starbucks (i love coffee!!) and we were on our way to the city. now before this, i actually wanted to drive up in the city. . . umm after like a second i changed my mind. dude, it's like we were in the pinas! people were just walking out in the street, and they not only cut you off, they don't signal, and everyone just goes. i was scared just sitting on the passenger side! i was totally freaked out. like yeah. heheeh then off to hop kee for dinner (we'll we got there "hella" early so we walked around china town). since i was "hella" tired i was sitting in the car as everyone was coming in. . . let's get this straight. i was TIRED, i do not have an attitude problem, and I WAS NOT BORED!!! you try not really sleeping the night before, getting on a plane with children screaming the entire 5 or so hours. . . i wanna see how hyper you are. i think i was hungry, cause after we ate (i really liked it btw) i was semi-fine again. hehe i got to meet the east coast irc'ers, let's see. . .gail, donna, anna, jayce, john, airs (i can't remember your wife or your girlfriends name?), ohhhh the baby (he's "hella" cute!), hubert, and roz (i probably missed someone--sorry). so don't worry guys i told them all ya'll said hi, and they said hi back. heheh as soon as we got to the table all the cameras were out and we started passing the baby around, and takin' pics at every stop (pics to come later). so yeah, then off to bubble tea (after we took the pic outside of hop kee [they tell me it's traditon]). . . it's not exactly like boba, or pearl tea. . . but it's good. at that point i was just gone. i needed to re-charge my batteries (it's not like i'm 23 again, pullin' the all nighters. . . or hittin up the clubs and going home at ungodly hours--i really hate getting old). so back to jersey we went. surprisingly it took me a lil bit to fall asleep. i mean it was only 9 something cali time and 12 something jersey time. . . i tried to entertain myself with the tv, then i logged on to see who was up. i went to go see if phil was still up--then i saw the lights off, so i went back upstairs. i know i fell asleep cause when i opened my eyes again it was friken bright as hell (well hell isn't bright--actually i don't know about that one). so i'm up now. 10:52 jersey. . . so it's like 7:52 back at home. i swear, i hate waking up early all the time. . . this is why i never sleep in!! even if i was tired cause of the day/night before!! arrgghhh!! i'm so having the bestest time ever. i hear the weather is really nice today. shorts it is! heheh okies, since i'm up. . . i'm gonna go wake up phil! have a great day everyone!!!!!! *MWA* all the way from joisy baby!!! =)

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