Friday, September 12, 2003

happy birthday to my blog so all of you have seen one year of my random thoughts, vents, obsessions, happiness & sadness. you've seen my template changes, and updates (i still know html!!) & my random pictures. thank you all for reading, thanks for the input or for the random comments (i love comments). i'm glad i could entertain you in the only way i know how. you have been there through all my trips, seen me through my sadness. . . and lots of happy times. you have seen my writing style change (kinda), you have given me input on my questions, or you listened to me vent about anything and everything. thanks for going along with me on the ride, it was like yesterday i was asking mike. . . what is blogger? how do you do that comments thing? what do you write about? this was supposed to be an outlet for writing, and for the most part it's been just that. i still don't have a song to sing, but that's my bad. so yay, happy birthday to my blog, happy birthday to my blog, happy birthday little bloooooggggg, happy birthday to you. love you! *MWAH* thanks for introducing me to the world of blog mike!

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