Sunday, February 02, 2003

okay, almost forgot GUNG HOI FAT CHOI!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! (Belated) So here's to a better year than the last, much luck and success in career, love, personal life, dreams. . . etc. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Yay, my apartments clean . . . but I did it the day after . . . does that count? I sure hope so. I know I cleaned up the pad before new years, and this time around is the day after. Oh wells, at least she's clean . . . all that matters. Sucks that it had to be the same day Columbia exploded. Great, now i'm sad. Happy New Year, yet a tragedy occured. Sad that has to happen. I think i'll go now. Don't really know what to say. *sigh* Good night, I shall bid you all adieu. *mwa*

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