Monday, December 27, 2004

The attack of the killer tumbleweed!!

So I do not know how I forgot to tell you all about this. The drive home. dun dun dun... 101 South just after the 680 merge. It was windy. They were rolling. Suddenly it starts rolling faster and faster...I had to change lanes all of a sudden, or we would have been attacked. Attacked by the killer tumbleweed!!! Luckily hardly anyone was on the freeway when we left (we were hoping everyone was stuck at work, while we took our time getting back to lala land), we watched in awe as everyone behind me swerved to avoid being attacked by the giant tumbleweed. That was not the only occurrence. 5 South. Tons of baby tumbleweed were crashing into cars left and right! Some cars were not as lucky as we were earlier. Some cars had tumbleweeds as hood ornaments, (if I was not driving I would have taken pictures of it), some tumbleweeds weren't as lucky--trucks rolled over them and they were smashed to smithereens!! Shannon did a good deed and took off some tumbleweed remnants off a car as I was getting gas, too bad she hurt her fingers in the process....a good deed nonetheless. Tumbleweed wasn't the only thing keeping our attention, there was also accidents, and police cars. This police man was cool though, he creeped up behind a car behind me and that dude moved over for him...I *tried* to move over but homey on the right wouldn't let me--so police man gave the the okay to stay where I was. Now, I hate being in front of police, so when I could I pulled over--dude was driving hella slow. Eventually he took the lead. So I pulled back to the left when I could. Stupid boy was hella bookin it and cutting people left and right, and I was waiting, waiting for police man to notice. He did. He straight pulled to the right, broke, then pulled behind speed racer/tailgaiter, then red and blue lights with the sound. Shannon was trying to help out by pointing to him through my window to pull over. I never saw that happen before. Then we were stopped again (forgive me for not telling you before the police man, we were stopped previously [we still do not know why]). This time we knew why. There was a major accident on the other side. I pray that everyone came out okay, but the car looked so badly beaten. You see people, you're supposed to be paying attention to where you are going! Do not tailgate, and do not cut people off!! That pissess people off, especially people like me! There were so many bad drivers. Of course, the wind and severe dust did not help, but hell...anything's better than fog. Oh and of course we must not forget the rain, rain, rain, rain. Pouring down rain. But it did not pour until after I dropped off Shannon, but that's a whole other story. And that was my last "official" turn around Christmas trip. I'll be making other turnaround trips, but I will be coming from the bay and back. ;)

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