Monday, December 06, 2004


1. Semester to redeem myself academically over (so far i'm only about 90% sure of my 4.0.). 2. Must re-vamp personal statements. 3. Work on Christmas Presents & Birthday Presents. 4. Go Christmas Shopping. 5. Interview for positions while on vacation. 6. Re-apply/apply to Rutgers/Columbia/& NYU by the beginning - mid January. 7. Find people to purchase furniture (almost got it all spoken for). 8. Go through closet. DONATE!! DONATE!! DONATE!! 9. Organize move home. 10. Move. So okay, I have freedom for one night. *fist in air* I have a lot to do, I have only one thing done and I have 9 more things to do! Well, #2 is a work in progress, and i'm *mostly* done with them. I'm so crazy, and I wanna get this all done in 2 months?? Someone shoot me please!!

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