Monday, June 21, 2004

autocross'n & daddy's day!

that was babygirl before the race. i have to say, she did me proud. of course it helped to have my bro in my car for the first two times telling me to go, go, go...brake! GO, let off the gas, go, go, go!! heheh yes, for my first autocross with babygirl...we did good. i started off with 57.194 and i ended up with a 55.345 (55.22 on the fun run), only 10 seconds longer than my bro. and from what i'm told, i did pretty good for my first time out (with mostly everything stock). i had lots of help and tips from my bro's i'm sure that helped me out (i'm just surprised i remembered everything). oh and while i was chillin in my car waiting to go for my second run, who should i see pass by my car? why, who else but piaadoll!! i had to wait till she went on her run to make sure it was her, then i went over to say hi after my run. it was good seeing you girl! i wish we could have hung for a lil bit longer, but i wanted more pointers from my bro. oh and i was in the novice sts class (i remembered to ask him after). then earlier today was the whole reason for my trip...daddy's day! we ended up waking up at 6:30 to head up to rio vista to have breakfast with the parental units (slept on the way up, and back). so yeah, daddy enjoyed his present (but it needs a little modification)...he enjoyed his breakfast, and enjoyed the company. it's always fun to come home, wish it could have been longer. wanna see more pics? *click* *click* so there you have it, another great weekend at home. hope you all had a great weekend too, and if you're a father (or a father to be)...happy fathers day! see you bay area heads in two weeks!! enjoy! **edit: sorry, was wrong on my times...and i am burnt! daymn you, you california sun!!

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