Sunday, June 27, 2004

my girls, old friends & good times

so this weekend my girly girls drove down from nor cal and scooped me up, then we all headed down to daygo! of course we did a pit stop at the carlsbad outlets and i added something new to my coach collection. =) yeah yeah, i don't wanna hear it (last one i promise...for now) ;). so friday night after getting all settled in who do we hook up with but ron, dave and steverz! they took us to the la jolla coves, mt. soladad & one of the bridges at midgetland. oh and they also took us to get some carne asada chips--that of course we couldn't finish. like that's surprising to anyone. anyway, it was really good to see you guys (even if you were making fun of us all night.) =P then the next day the girlys and i headed down to rosarita! my first time ever, so yeah i was a little freaked out when we were crossing the border...i kept thinking oh my god we're in another country, we might get kidnapped. then as we got deeper in i noticed how similar it was to the philippines, so i started to feel comfortable (weird, i know). i mean, i've been to tj before, but i've never been so deep into it like going to rosarita. but the $1 corona's and margarita's were nice & i love me some carne asada taco's! the girls drank way more than me (which is always expected), but i'm glad they had fun. i even found a cool looking shot glass to add to the collection. but walking around, taking it all in, seeing the people, drinking with the girlys, having laughs....good times had by all. oh and why was it that i was the only one questioned alot coming back from mexico? after asking my citizenship he made me say my entire name, birthday, and birthplace, then he asks me what's the capitol of the united states. after that he then asks me how many states there are in the u.s.--i think he got irritated when i got technical and started to say...well, there is 48 on the continental u.s. and alaska and i ended up stopping mid sentence and saying 50. i don't know why i was the only one out of the group questioned like that--i was also the most sober out of the group. bastards! here's more pictures if you wanna see how much fun we did have...*click* *click* so all in all, this weekend was so much fun. there were some things that i wish didn't happen (but it wasn't my call either), but even though all of THAT happened--everything turned out pretty much good. so with all that said, i'm gonna go chill. hope you all had a wonderful weekend! take cares! *mwah* & *hug*

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