Tuesday, June 29, 2004

shake me up & take a sip

How to make a eileenjoy
1 part intelligence
3 parts craziness
5 parts empathy
Method:Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little emotion if desired!
Personality cocktail From Go-Quiz.com

this kinda fits my mood, got it from bumblebootie--thanks lady! i just saw monster & had dinner over at shannie's. MAN!! that was crazy! and the crazy thing is it's TRUE! how someone can be that disturbed, i don't know. i understand she had a crazy upbringing, and i see how the first one & maybe even second had reasoning....but anything after that--HELL NO! i'm all shook up cause of that, no one better ever call my her nickname!! i'll go ballistic! and to all of my guy friends....don't EVER pick up a hitchhiker on the freeway/street/boonies. if you want a hooker, go to a strip club and get a lapdance, or go to vegas even (i hear some of them give you good....) ....so i'm told. anyway, i'm all freakin. i wonder if charlize theron interviewed "her" before she was executed...not THAT would be an interesting/freaky interview. and i wonder what happened to the "girlfriend", does anyone know? if you do that piece of info would be greatly appreciated. anyway, go see it...good movie, and charlize so deserved an award for that movie. i still got the shakies!!

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