Monday, September 20, 2004

One down, a hell of lot more to go...

Lan told me this morning that she's doing the run with me. HELL YEAH! She made me so happy. I have a semi-training partner now, and the good thing is we're doing this together (bad habits and all--with my exception of long long drives home). But anyway, yes, that made my morning. =) We're gonna train together when i'm home, so come November and December i'm not slacking on vacation. grrrrrr, it's for a good cause I know (and I know my Auntie is looking down on me and smiling). Body is in pain from over working out from the weekend, I know I know--i'm going to slow down and pace myself. So hard to do when i'm going fast forward, but i'll slow it down from this point on. My abs are friken hurting me, but as most of you know i'm so into abs (mostly on guys) and i've been trying to get a 4 pac (at the very least) for years--I think they're finally coming through. =) So yeah, eh...happy monday all?

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