Thursday, September 09, 2004

Crazy days, and restless nights.

So my schedule has been topsy turvey these past few weeks. Being up early for work then going to class at night, or my one work out day, or my dinners w/ shan, or study's been a lot to take. I'm trying to make some extra time for me so I can go to the gym, or hang with friends...lately it's been the later (but well worth it =) [I love you guys!]). Lately, if I don't have to study (or I can rationalize myself out of studying) I tend to veg out in front of the computer (chatting, msg board, blogs/lj's, or updating my own). Sometimes I stay up TOO late (daymn photo page)!! I tend to stay up late every night, if it's not on the computer--i'm studying. I know that's what i'm supposed to be doing, but i'm not making my 12:00 cutoff. Most of the time I hit the hay at 2:00 or close to, which results in me waking up grumpy every day for work (hit the snooze--sleep for 10 more minutes). I have a tendency to perfect everything i'm working on till it's completed (or where I want it for now), then move on to something else. I can't just let something sit knowing that something is wrong with it, i must make it EXACTLY as I want it (otherwise i'll pull out my hair--or wake up in the middle of the morning and fix it). urrgghhh, I "perfectionism" will be my demise, at least my attempt to. Must find some balance. Need more sleep. How the hell did I do this in college?

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