Monday, September 06, 2004

Girls Weekend aka Lani's Birthday Weekend

So I spent my long holiday w/ these two ladies... It started off Friday night, well early Saturday morning (like around 4am)...and we took it from there. I pretty much took shots of everything we did [with the exception of Yard House & Crazy Horse--we were Dancing Queens Lan & I--Val was our Princess], so if you wanna check those out click here!! So as you can see, we celebrated Lan's 30th birthday all weekend long. Well, early that is...since I won't be around to celebrate on her actual birthday (and she won't be able to anyway). We walked around Venice Beach, drank at the Yard House, danced our asses off at Crazy Horse (poor boys were too scared to come up, *snap* we still got it--and those girls must have been crazy if they thought they were gonna push us out of our spot), we witnessed a fight after dancing the alcohol away, ate at Roscoe's, drank it up at TJ's, dinner w/ Ron at Peohe's, lunch at Alberto's & almost got into a car accident on our way back to my place this afternoon. A fun filled three-day weekend as you can see. So yeah, spread all that out over 2.5 days and you got our weekend. I have leftovers for the entire week! Thanks everyone! Oh and the accident...I HATE LA drivers. Especially the punks that don't bother looking before changing lanes, I almost hit the wall...good thing for those fast reflexes of mine. I'm just glad that everyone behind us slowed down so I could pull over and re-start the car. Yes, I had to slam on the brakes so hard that they locked, and I was fishtailing all over the place. But we're all okay, and live to tell the tale. Just don't get a Nissan Sentra rental, that thing sucked big beans...locking breaks--that wasn't safe. Anyway, i'm pretty tired...and I got my first quiz tomorrow night. So off I am to eat, then study my butt off. Hope you all had a good weekend! **edit: Check what I can do with my camera - *click* *click*

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