Sunday, September 19, 2004

Helping out...

So some of you may know that with my classes I have to volunteer, today was my second day. It was rather interesting and I think the women are opening up to me. It gave me that cheery-all-over-good feeling that I have been lacking as of late. Seeing the faces on the women after serving them lunch or helping them out, or just chillin with them after their "computer" classes or whatever they do was nice. They were even talking to me about stupid little things going on, one of them noticed my hawaiian jewelry and that i'm from the islands (since I lived there I can say that--unlike some people who've never stepped a foot yet still claim.) I didn't really feel like going this morning, but as soon as I got there I felt really good about being there. The other volunteers are making me feel welcomed, and I was actually in charge of some things today (which made me feel better about being there). It was just nice, they all welcomed me...I felt like I was a part of something bigger. I left feeling a whole lot lighter, and in the end I was glad I went. I guess this whole volunteering has gotten me on this helping out kick. I even sent out an email to all my friends and family to see who wants to participate in the LA Breast Cancer Run/Walk in February. I'm gonna do it regardless if anyone does it with me or not. I even started training this weekend. This of course will only work if I quit my bad habit, or seriously cut down (which I already started to do). One of the volunteers said she'll sponser me. So yeah, once I start my training and sign up i'll be hittin ya'll up for donations. ;) Although my legs are in pain, I feel daymn good. Normally i'll work out once or twice a week, most of the time it's just step and lift...but seeing that I didn't get to the gym early enough to lift, I opted to go on Saturday and lift and run. That run just sucked big beans--probably shouldn't have done my bad habit, but I can't help it--it's addicting! So after volunteering I decided to go for a quick run. That run kicked ass, I even went overboard (of course I have my "mini-breaks" but that's only for a quick gulp of water, then I keep on going. I wanna be able to run straight through before I take on the Rose Bowl, but I will get there sometime soon (i'm hoping to enlist the help of Kinjamin with training, or at least running around the bowl every week). That would be really nice, otherwise i'll eventually make my way out there...on a not so hot southern california day. (I would so melt.) So yeah, this whole volunteering thing has actually made me go out and start doing things. I'm no longer just talking about eventually doing anything, i'm gonna do it. I wanted to do a lot of things, but i'm going to be reasonable this time around. Just like with school, i'm going to do things that are attainable (not so easy mind you, takes a lot of hard work to get whatever I want--that's always to be expected). Anyways ya'll get where i'm going with this, i'm not trying to preach or's just I like this good feeling I have inside (I wanna keep feeling this way). So I imagine that once I get my MSW i'll have this constant good feeling because i'll be trying to make tons of dents (I know I won't save the world--but i'm going to try my best too dammit!!). That's always been one of my goals, well it's actually to take over the world (but I have long since given up on that). Anyways, Emmy's is on...I want Jennifer Aniston to win. She be looking hot tonight!

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