Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Beautiful wishes, and happy days...

First of all I would like to wish Dale a happy happy birthday!!! It's a no gym day, with whatever you wanna eat/do kinda day man! And i'd like to let you know that I have the bestest cousin ever! Roger is the man! He opened up my glove box and freed my radio face plate!! YES! Music in my car once again!! (I know LA, no radio?? You must be insane?!?!) He's gonna look for the replacement part for me, so I just might not have to pay for it...or as much for it. He also got me a parking spot over at school. See I have the best family, he comes to me to fix my car problems/issues. Those people must have been looking at us all crazy, he parks, I go behind him, he pulls out, I park. Niceness. Oh and he also hooked me up with a spam musobe maker he got from Longs in Hawaii. Now i'll be able to make them and not have them break on me. =) So yeah, things are good, and I think I did really good on my test the other night too *cross-fingers*. Other than that...I really wish people would listen to me, or take what I have to say at face value. I think that's my only gripe for the moment. They either have selective hearing, or just make up their own interpretation of the words that are coming out of my mouth (or emails, or im's that I type up). It's just so frustrating. But whatever, i'll get over it--I always do... So yeah, happy day Dale! Whoooo ha!! =)

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