Friday, September 24, 2004

Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends!!!

Happy Birthday Lan!! It's yo' birthday girl! I know we already celebrated, and if I ass would be up there tonight! But yay, you're finally 30! Some say we have reached our peak, the time of our lives even. I personally say that's another way to say that we're old (and your birthday is just another reminder that in 3 months i'll be even older =P). But whatever, we have reached another decade! I hope our 30s are way better than our 20s. As you know, we've been through hell and back, through boys, you and the little ones, and me through school and moving...and we're still standing strong. We've made some great choices, and some really bad ones...but at least now we can look back and laugh and say--what the hell were we thinking?? We've moved out and been on our own for a little while now, and it might be hard but we're still doin it (and doing it rather well I might add). We might not see each other as much as we'd like, but we still make time and talk to each other practically every day! We've been through some really great times girl! Had to drop some people along the way (their loss me thinks), but no matter what happened we've always stayed strong. I'm very thankful for that. You are one of the strongest women I know, and i'm very proud of who you have become. Yeah, i'll hopefully be working on my masters soon and be off on the other side of the country...but when you finish your undergrad, you can bet my ass will be there with bells on yelling my head off (just like you did for me). (Or when anything happens really.) We have been through so much, and we still got more to go. I just wanted to wish you a happy happy birthday!! After your parents come back and my volunteering ends (and school calms down) we're gonna go drinking (you daymn alcoholic!), and we gonna celebrate your 30-ness again! Happy birthday girl!! I luv ya! *HUG*

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