Friday, September 10, 2004

My Hero Is You

-Hayden Panettiere You know I try to be, All that I can. But there's a part of me, I still don't understand. Why do I always want, What I don't have. When in reality, It's really not that bad. Your faith has shown me that. When my world goes crazy, You won't let go. When the ground gets shaky, You kept me hope. When I try to push you away, You never move. Now when I start doubtin', You help me see. You believe there ain't nothing I can't do. my hero is you. yeah My hero is you. ---------------- I've been searching for the lyrics to this song for months (okay, maybe one month), and i've been trying to get a copy of this song too. Something about it just struck me really hard. I know, I's a Disney song (teeny bopper at that), I don't care--I know what I like, and when i'm determined...I get what I want. I wanted the daymn lyrics and I FINALLY got them. Yeah, whatever (I know i'm mental), I don't care what you think of me right now--i'm happy. Lyrics just speak to me. Some people are too busy doing their daily that they don't hear the words (or notice things that are around them). I'll stop and listen, especially when I become intrigued by one line (or two). Either that or i'm just a good listener, I can hear things when people don't think I can (blame that one on my mom). So when I become "intrigued" i'll do what I can to either get what I want, or learn more about it. Either way it'll come to me (eventually), or just happen--its just a matter of time...

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