Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Realizations are a bitch...

Sometimes they gotta hit you in the face (or you gotta run into it full force) to even notice what's going on. I should listen to myself more. Don't get me wrong, I listen for the most part...but when it comes to carefully guarded parts--I never listen. I always think, oh eventually things will start poppin--nope wrong!! Should have went with my instincts. Sometimes I get so mad at myself!! I lecture myself sometimes, I should do that more (maybe then it'll sink in). As one of my friends told me "if you never make the journey you can't appreciate the destination." My response was, why do I always have to make my journey so daymn complicated?? Eh, time...stupid time, I know I know--I hear you. Eventually. In other news, I got a 90 on my quiz. Hell yeah! I'm focusing on school more (this time around), and since I know i'm capable of doing good...yes, I will continue this pattern in hopes of obtaining the 4.0 I so desperately need. I know I have options when it comes to what institute of higher learning I will eventually attend (with everything really). And although I dream of freezing winters and a different atmosphere all together, I will still keep in mind my sun shiny bay area home. So we shall see. I'm open to whatever life will throw my way (not that I wasn't--I was just limiting myself). So yeah, door is wide open. We'll see what happens now won't we? Just don't get in my way. ;)

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