Friday, September 17, 2004

Happy days, and things to save up for...

So for some reason i've been really happy (like bouncing up and down on my chair kind of happy). It's a Shannie night! Whooo hoooo! Victor might come along, but whatever he's one of the girls (j/k Victor--you're hella cool). I miss those days when your girlies or your boys call you out of the blue and ask you to hang with them. Well actually I take that back, that has been happening to me (not really out of the blue--kinda planned, but not). It just makes me so happy to be around my loved ones. *sigh* It's so rare for me since everyone has their own lives, work, and/or significant others (and it's really cool when the significant other likes to chill with your friends--makes them even better). You know, getting older isn't much fun...sometimes I wonder why I was in such a rush... And did you all know that Cingular has done away with the technicians in the store? So if you have problems with your phone (and I have a few minor probs), you have to send it away! It would help if they stated that on the website so you don't look like a dumb ass when you swing by the closest store (since they're too lazy to pick up the daymn phones!!). So I have decided that since I have a year left on my contract ima save up for a new beauteous Nokia. I'm not exactly sure which one I want, but I'll think of something...and i'm thinking of going to T-Mobile (since Verizon phones suck ass). Oh and another thing, for all you ipod owners. NEVER EVER hook your ipod up to a mac if it's already formatted for a pc (or vice versa), I wasted several hours re-formating and re-updating my ipod last night. Man oh man, my beautiful little ipod didn't know what to do with itself! It kept rejecting everything, or in the middle of updating all my songs it would quit (or in the middle of sycn'n my contacts/calendar). I think she feels abused or something. But all is good once again, she is fully updated with songs, playlists, contacts, notes and calendar. =) Ahhhh yes, success. So yeah, it's Friday!!! Hope you all have a most beauteous day & weekend! =) *mwah*

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