Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Random Thoughts...

This was stolen from Bumblebootie... "I really like people who wear their hearts on their sleeves because I hate having to feel around in the dark for zippers I have to unzip and buttons I have to undo and ribcages I have to smash through just to find what they mean and what they feel." Why do I like that? Because I like doing that (it's a nice concept), even though most of the time my heart can't decide on where she wants to be. Sometimes she wants to be out there--but other times she likes to be under lock and key...she's really moody most of the time. I think she's just scared to feel (probably cause she always get's torn up every time she does), either that or just numb to all that is around her. I know one of these days i'll figure it all out, but for now i'm kinda in limbo...and you know, limbo ain't that bad.

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