Sunday, August 15, 2004

babygirls back...

babygirls ass looks daymn good! the dude who hit me, did a good job. she's hot once again! whoooo ha! --------------- i've been playing with my new toy...pentax optio s4 *sigh* she is friken hot! so i must thank louie for telling me about his sis's cam. so thin! fits even in my smallest purse! she rocks! i'll be testing her out on tuesday when we all have dinner with yano. --------------- and i started a new workout schedule. hehehe daymn school is interrupting with my workout schedule, so i gotta work around it. i started this week (also they're re-doing the aerobics room floor so step is cancelled for 2 weeks), so i've been running my ass off and lifting again. i'm already feeling the burn. so yeah, i figure this will keep me busy. school/volunteer work, work, and gym. i am most definitely going to be busy. i gotta focus on getting a's so i can get into rutgers in the fall. ahhh, can't wait till it all begins. one more week!

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