Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Ben & M.J. weekend...

So all this weekend I was hangin out with these two fellas... It started out Friday night, and ended today when we dropped off M.J. at the airport. I'm really glad that we all hung out, ate, chilled, drank, saw Hero, drank, chilled, watched the Olympics, drank. I haven't had that much alcohol in a long time, thanks guys! I'm glad I have the ability to finish a boones (I haven't done that in a long ass time). But yeah, it's funny how you don't realize who your friends are till years and years's also great how some friendships grow (even with people who you've never really thought would). But yeah, i'm realizing how great some of my friends are (even if you don't hang out with them all the time--they're still there for you). It was just great not having to "act" a certain way cause this or's like you can completely let your guard down and open up--cause you all understand where you're coming from. I just thought that was really cool. And here's some pic's from my weekend with the boys: *click* *click* So yeah, it was great. Ya'll had me laughing my ass off, and I realized some things about myself was just great. So yeah, next time i'm in the bay M.J. (and you don't go home) we're gonna hang. Ben you come too. Lan will come, and we'll all be out drinked by her. haha I love my friends. I'm glad ya'll are still around (even when I go psycho on some of you), if I could I would give you all a hug right now. But since I can't, I guess ya'll will have to wait till I see you next (which will have to wait till the semesters over [for the east coasters--bay area, Thanksgiving? Holidays?])...we'll see. Just know that no matter what, i'm here--ya'll know how to get a hold of me. =) *MWAH*

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