Sunday, August 01, 2004

my findings...

so this is what i've been doing since i got my computer back (i promised one of my bests that i'd do this). so all weekend i've been staring at my screen, checking out other schools...but i think so far i'm still going to focus on rutgers (i am working with the dean of admissions to get in). right now, i'm taking a eyes are hurting! although, i am diggin' excel more (i think i just like my new version--even though i've had it, i finally had an excuse to use it). so there you have it. i'm still going to look into these schools (since i got the time), oh and i'm still looking into those classes at UCLA (someone keeps adding into that class i want--they need to stop already!!). oh and just to let ya'll know, in the fall...i'm going to the #11 ranked grad school for social work. see, there IS a silver lining. =)

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