Tuesday, August 17, 2004


that was the best shot from the night (after all the testing we did with her during the night). we tried night mode, but regular mode w/ timer worked pretty daymn good right? so yeah, this was my first night to use my little pentax. she rocks man! wanna see more? *click* *click* so yeah, i'm pretty daymn full. roscoe's was not good for my cholesterol, but the company was so good...and i met YANO! i'm really glad you came out & had our "traditional" la "irc" din din. so it was a most lovely night for myself. good conversation, and tons of laughs. man, we might not be irc'n any more, but we're still meeting years later! ha! so thanks guys for comin out & thanks for testing my new cam out w/ me!

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