Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Back to school & other things...

So the wait is finally over, I got the classes I wanted. whooo ha! One I got on a pure "technicality," the other I got 'cause people don't want to (or can't) do the extra work, or they just simply didn't show up. Either way I don't care, I got my classes! So far I'm pretty much booked for the semester, and when my professor okay's my volunteer site--I'm going to be over booked. I already made friends, and am in groups for the "group projects" that will eventually happen. Man oh man, so much to do...but to be quite honest, I like it. I feel right at home in my Intro to Social Work Class, but in my Policing Society Class...I feel so old. I know for a fact that I AM the oldest in that class. The other one, I think I'm part of the "average". Either way, at least I don't look like it...I tend to "blend" well. Ahh, nice to be pinay. Anyway, this break has turned into something bigger since I was having problems logging back in after updating to SP2 (bastards)...but after talking to one of my "techies," I'm back on via wireless baby! Thank you kindly Rob, you know your sh*t. Okay, gotta get back to the books. School is good, I feel old--yet this studying is more fun this time around (I'm sure that'll change when I get into Grad School)--I am after all just taking two classes (undergrad/upper div at that). So yeah, back to the books...gotta make my 12:00 cutoff!!

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