Thursday, August 05, 2004

scheduling problems...

so i had to work out a work schedule to work with the classes i wanted to take at UCLA. well, that didn't happen. so when i finally came to grips with that, i looked into CSUN. i found 2 perfect classes that start late, and CSUN isn't too terribly far from work. so i emailed the dean of admissions at rutgers with the class synopsis of each class, so i could see if they were okay for me to take. and while waiting for her response i worked out my schedule with my boss, he took it to the partners and work schedule for me. so i called the dean this morning to verify my classes, and she said they would be very good for me to take...and and and she said she wanted to take one of those classes to. so yeah. everything worked out. of the classes may be transferable once i get into the program as an elective. i already emailed the prof's of the classes to get a syllabi of each, got one response...still waiting on the other. at least they know i'm interested in taking their classes (and why), i'm just hoping all the upper div students are all taking morning (or afternoon) classes-so the night classes will be open for us working people to take. ;) hope everyone's doing good. you're always always always in my thoughts. *mwah* *hug*

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