Thursday, August 12, 2004

babygirl got smacked on the ass AGAIN!!

so i was on hollywood & highland, fully stopped...light just turned green--we all go. a truck cuts in front of two cars in front of me, we stop...except for the guy behind me. baymn! i heard it, felt it a my head hurts. pulled into the parking lot at BK, got the info (but i should have gotten more--i know). turns out he works at honda, so he's gonna fix her all up. i hate this. doctor apt tomorrow morning at 8:30. maybe she can give me something to make my headache to go away... this is the 3rd time i've gotten rear ended, first time was in the sentra (really bad), 2nd time i wasn't even in the car--i just watched as she was slammed into the wall (and a .5 for when the bitch rammed into me in the parking lot and stayed there), and now this. always on the ass. what the hell man? i just don't get it...

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