Wednesday, August 11, 2004

don't sweat the small stuff...

i think some of the things i'm going through is a test. who's test? i don't know, but i think the universe is sending out "tests" to see if i can handle the bigger things that will eventually be thrown in my path. do you think that's possible? that before you take that "giant leap", little things here and there are thrown in your path...and depending on your reaction--the next thing will be thrown your way (and so on and so on). do you think that God (or whomever/whatever you believe in) in his/their own way will test you before you go to wherever you're meant to be? or do? or become? because if that's the case, i think i'm doing just fine. little things (stupid, stupid litte things) keep being thrown in my path...and although they irritate the hell outta me--i'm learning to let go. i see the bigger picture, and the good outweigh the bad (so far) i think i'm good. it's all a learning process right? although, i do love the litte things, i'm not gonna sweat the small's just not worth it. especially if in the end, i'm where i wanna be (doing exactly what i'm meant/want to do). it's all relative. besides, it's a new day. =)

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