Thursday, April 29, 2004

terrorist threats and the thought of death

so the mall that's behind my building is having a bomb threat, that one and the west side pavillion. security is at an all time high today, no deliveries, and security was watching us as we all drove into the structure. everyone's being really quiet, that or they're not in the office. it's been all over the news (ever since last night at least), and the first phone call of the day was from mommy (i knew it was her as soon as my phone rang). i've been telling everyone that IF anything were to happen--it's been really nice knowing them. i mean it too, but everyone just think's that's crazy talk. but i've been thinking about, if i were to die right this minute--i'd be okay with it. granted, i don't have a family of my own (i'd really like to one day), and i haven't obtained my masters yet (*crosses-fingers*), and i'm not rollin in my porshe yet....i'd be okay with it. i mean you're supposed to live life to it's fullest, no regrets right? granted there are a few things i regret doing--but you live and you learn. this doesn't mean i want someone to come up to me and shoot me in between my eyes--i'm just saying i'll be okay if it's my time. who knows MAYBE they'll come through and do something to the mall and get us at the same never know. i mean, don't ya'll ever think of death? not actually committing suicide, but if you were in that situation and you can go towards the light, or stay where you are....what would you do?