Sunday, April 25, 2004

personal journey have you ever felt that you're destined to do something more? like you wake up every day, and you wished you weren't going to work, or where you were going....but that you wished you were going some place that meant more to you? that's how i've been feeling for the past year or so. i hate waking up and going to my daily destination, and no matter what happens i'm gonna keep hating it until i move on--move on to something that i've wanted to do for years. after the first couple of years of living out in la i started to really hate the path i was on. those around me thought everything was peachy keen (with the exception of my moms), i just felt like there was so much more that i could be doing....maybe that's when the depression hit (and maybe i haven't been out of it till recently). maybe that's why i never went out, i never tried anything new because i thought that nothing would come of it. then things started happening once i paid off all my bills, opportunities started popping after the other. i couldn't ignore the signs anymore. now more signs are popping up, and omens's just so weird. not a bad weird, a great weird. it's a i wish it happened earlier, and i'm hoping it'll only get better from here kind of deal. everyone's personal journey is different, and it comes to you at different periods in your long as you achieve it is what matters--or as long as you attempt to achieve it, i should say. some people get distracted or things pop up to de-rail you from your destination--i'm hoping that doesn't happen to me. i hope you all achieve yours, thank you to those who are helping me along my way....

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