Friday, April 09, 2004

hotness.... man oh man! it's HOT up here in the bay! i HATE it! at least in la it's been kinda gloomy and chilly, i like it when it's chilly. maybe it's cause when i was younger i was in the hottest areas ever, or maybe i've become weaker as i've aged. eh, who knows. all i know is i'm happy! i even went and got my watch all spiffed up, nice and shiny baby. i even saw the kiddies today, of course i'll see more of them this weekend--but i miss them when i'm gone. so yeah, today is good a few days sweets will enter my mouth again (and other things--eventually). although, i keep thinking i cheated. but i don't think so since puto is made out of rice--and it's not a pastry (well it's not the fancy kind--more of a breakfast kind or the kind you eat with dinuguan)....and the avocado boba is made of avocado, and avocado is a fruit...therefore it's healthy. okay i feel better after justifying myself. anyway, i hope you all are having a good 'good friday'! & i hope you all have a most wonderful weekend!! ima get my hair done tomorrow *fling* oh and btw it was nice hearing from you, and i'll keep on praying! =) *HUG*

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