Monday, April 05, 2004

A Voice Within Young girl, don't cry, I'll be right here when your world starts to fall. Young girl, it's all right, Your tears will dry, you'll soon be free to fly. When you're safe inside your room you tend to dream, Of a place where nothing's harder than it seems. No one ever wants or bothers to explain, Of the heartache life can bring and what it means. When there's no one else, Look inside yourself, Like your oldest friend, Just trust the voice within. Then you'll find the strength, That will guide your way, If you will learn to begin, To trust the voice within.... * * * * Lyrics that go round and round in my head. Been listening to Christina a lot...and I do mean A LOT. Trying to listen to myself, and at the same time listening to what others have to say. eh, who knows...i'll figure everything out in due time. I have lot's of hope, and faith. Who knows....

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