Sunday, April 18, 2004

bad dreams & thoughts do you ever get into one of those funk's that you only dream bad things, or think of bad thoughts...or even second guess yourself? and these dreams or thoughts are so bad that you're crying to yourself? i think i've always did this kind of thing, 'cause my mom used to wake me up when i was little saying i was crying really hard (and i would never remember about what), or something like that. but yeah, lately i've been in a bad funk. sick and emotionally unstable? how sad is that. but this morning one of my j.a.c. lil bro's im'd me this (and this particular bro i've never met mind you), "god loves you, and so do i. have a blessed day. =)." no one has said that to me in a long ass time, actually not since j.a.c. has anyone said it (when i was active at least). he im'd it then logged off. i hate it when people do that, then i can't respond (since i was staring at my screen at the time--it was way early too). i just thought it was funny. after waking up from bad dreams, crying, having more bad dreams....when i do finally get out of bed, someone tells me that, "god loves you, and so do i. have a blessed day. =)." i just thought it fit. like he knew i needed to hear it? maybe he felt my vibes through the internet (even though i wasn't saying anything). now i'm watching a depressing episode of ally mcbeal--from the final season. granted it's in boston, she did end up in new york (i know i'm reaching). maybe all my dreams and thoughts are coming cause there's a good chance that i'll be leaving soon (*crosses-fingers*), and all my insecurities are coming out in my subconscious. perhaps this is just my weird way of dealing with it all...

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