Wednesday, April 21, 2004

i'm not your superwoman well, most of the time i am. but after talking to lan last night, i realized that all my insecurities about the thought of moving are starting to surface--and that's what's causing all my mental anguish. i mean, it is all the way on the other side of the country. some of my friends are starting to get all sappy on me, i'm seeing people more...and i'm not telling everyone i'm too lazy to go out--go figure. so yeah, one of my boys told me all i have to do regarding my past issues is to let go, go splurge on myself and have a spa day. i would so do that--if i wasn't saving all my money for whenever i do move. i mean for the most part, i have either let the past go--or completely erased it from my mind. i swear, someone asked me something about my past the other day....and i couldn't recall. it's like it's been blocked from my memory. i know my issues aren't as big as what other people are going through, and maybe i'm just being a drama queen. well, i haven't done this in a while....i'm just preparing myself i guess. well, if and when i do make my move...i'll be ready, right? at least i know i'll be loved, and missed. other things are going through my head--i'll save you all from that (i know, it's getting irritating). so i hope you all are well, and i'm still praying that things will get're always in my thoughts (even though i'm having all my mental issues). *hug*

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