Wednesday, April 07, 2004

early wishes just wanted to wish you all a early happy easter & good friday, since my ass is going home tomorrow night. whooo ha! * * * * okay, so what the hell is american idol all about? that friken stupid red-headed boy who sucked ass last night was safe? granted okay, camille wasn't at the top--but she was better than that stupid red-headed boy! i even voted last night, but apparently more people are voting for the people with NO TALENT....and why? because they like those ugly boys? i CANNOT believe this crap! this is supposed to be a SINGING contest, not a PERSONALITY contest. fucker doesn't even have personality, he barely has a smile. i'm so pissed! i can't believe that america would vote this way! what keep your people in, take us out? okay, okay...yeah that was wrong....but fuck. jeez people, do you even watch? or do you wait till 9:55 find out what the number is to your person then call? do you even watch how badly your person performs? this is so wrong!!! next week, i'm going to do what they all do....i'm all about jasmine. that's right fuckers, i'm onto your game. i'm going to email all my people to do the same--cause that's what the friken red-headed boy is probably doing. grrrrrrr..... * * * * * oh yeah, happy early easter everyone (sorry, i ended up re-doing the middle of this post since i was watching american idol at the same time). hope you get all the candy you want. yes, sweets can be in my mouth again come sunday!!!! hell ya baby....I DID IT!!!

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