Tuesday, April 13, 2004

easter & fun times on our way to fantasyland.... so this is what i did on my four days off (minus friday night, since i couldn't operate a camera at that time). *click* *click* fun with the family, and fun with lan and the kiddies at disneyland! let me tell you all....it is so much better going to disneyland with kids, a little tiring but more fun. aaaannnnndddddddddd i just found out tonight that i'm going to be one of dylan's god mothers. yay! finally someone asks me prior to making me one! he's so cute, he calls me aunti yeen, or eiyeen. he's the only baby i've ever held, and believe me...i don't go around holding and kissing babies. so yeah, hope you enjoyed the pics! =) *mwah*

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